Table Ten - Gatherings, Conferences, * Reunions, Retirements, Special Events, etc.

See also photos of CMOS Congresses

* Note:  Photos of some course members' reunions are found under their original course photos in Tables 1 through 6


International Polar Year (IPY) Staff


Climate Section Christmas Party


Member of Portugese National Weather Service Visits 315 Bloor


RCAF Visit to 315 Bloor

Inauguration of Weather Map Facsimile System



Ozalid Maintenance Course


Meteorological Instructors' Conference

National Conference (CWS), Toronto



HQs Event with Percy Saltzman - (c1957)

Meteorologists Take RCAF Oficer Entry Course

SMetO Conference (DND) Trenton


Andrew Thomson's Retirement


Dedication of Historical Plaque, John Henry Lefroy, Toronto

Tobacco Fleck Project


Patrick McTaggart-Cowan Unveils Portrait

Regional Directors of Air Services (DOT) Conference

Meteorologist Supervisory Course, Camp Borden

Three Wartime Heads of MSC Reunite

Former PM John Diefenbaker Visits Frobisher Bay

Ice Observers Gather in Toronto


DOT Senior Management Seminar I - Mont Gabriel



First CMS Congress Ottawa

DOT Intermediate Management Seminars from 1966 to 1968)


Second CMS Congress, Calgary

Alberta Hail Studies Project, CMS Visit 

McGill Undergraduate Meteorology Club

Pacific Weather Cenre Retirement Party


Met Branch (DOT) Council

Inauguration of New Teletype System

Head Table - CMS Congress Winnipeg

Alberta Hail Studies Project


Opening of Downsview Building


AES Regional Directors

DND Met Tech Symposium

Downsview Wind Tunnel


Management by Motivation


DND First Line Management

Installation of New Computer in Downsview


Port Met Officers Meeting

RSOS Conference

ADM and Staff, Downsview

Opening Atlantic Regional Weather Office

Lake Ontario Cruise

"Best Beard" Contest, Downsview

AES Management Meeting
Alex MacVicar Retirement

Stratoprobe Project,
Yorkton SK

Prof. Roland List's Masters and PhD Students 


DND First Line Management

Opening Quebec Regional Office

Finance and Administration Branch Conference

SSU Meteorologists' Meeting

Ontario Weather Centre Christmas Party


PSAC Environment Component Convention, Hamilton ON

AES Curling Champions, Downsview

Angus Headley & Ed Galbraith - Retirements


DND First Line Management

ADRES Demonstration,

Don Ross Retirement

Opening of Canadian Climate Centre, Downsview

Bev Cudbird Retirement


DND First Line Management

DND CFWS Management Meeting

Launch of Weatheradio in Regina 


DND First Line Management

MATER Project Team (AES Instrument Branch)

MAPS Seminar

Port Met Officers Meeting

Introductory Descriptive Meteorology Course

DND Met Inspectors' Conference

Signing of READAC Contract, Winnipeg MB

Retirements, Winnipeg Weather Office

Opening of AS/6 Computer, Downsview

Environment Minister Visits Downsview


DND Met Tech Symposium

AES Planning Meeting, Cornwall

Ice Reconnaissance Visit, Thule, Greenland

Wind Research, Pincher Creek AB

Ken Pettit's Retirement
George Legg's Retirement

10th Anniversary of Opening of 4905 Dufferin St. Toronto

ADRES Implementation, Downsview

Acid Rain Briefing to US Officials


DND Oceanography Course

"Related Groups" Committee, Downsview

Books on John Henry Lefroy

Climate Normals Published

Ice Experiment, Mould Bay

DND First Line Management (names only)

 George McPherson on How to Write a Speech


DND Met Tech Workshop Gagetown

DND First Line Management

DND Oceanography Course

Visit of GG Ed Schreyer to Downsview

Don Smith and Gordon Gee (at Gee's retirement)

 Satellite Workshop, Trenton

Bob Easto's Retirement


DND Met Tech Symposium, Winnipeg

Don Smith's Retirement

Chairmen of McGill University Meteorology Department

Four Senior Retirements


Superintendents' Conference (WS/SO), Toronto

DND CFWS Workshop Winnipeg

Naval Met Reunion, Dartmouth

AMC Meeting, Winnipeg

DND Meteorologist Familiarization, Winnipeg

Jim Bruce's Retirement - Downsview & Hull

Signing of Acid Rain Agreement

Central Region Supervisors Seminar

Regional Chiefs of Weather Services


AES Directors' Meeting

Handing-over of DASH7 Ice Aircraft

Arctic Haze Study Group

DND Meteorologist Familiarization, Winnipeg

Installation of NAS 9060 Computer in Downsview


Alex Beaton Retirement

Environment Minister Visits Downsview 

Downsview Open House, Environment Week

AMC Meeting, Downsview

Regional Superintendents of Inspectional Services Conference

Climatic Perspectives Publishing Group, Canadian Climate Centre

Signing of the Montreal Ozone Protocol

Dave Murdoch Presents Trivia Calendar to NOAA Visitor

AES Native Employment Meeting

DND First Line Management

DND Meteorologist Familiarization, Winnipeg

National Non-Smoking Week

Ray Fichaud's Retirement, Montreal

Food Drive, Downsview 


Canadian Climate Program Research Committee

Ice Reconnaissance Staff with Electra Ice Aircraft

Calgary Winter Olympics Weather Support Team

Changing Atmosphere Conference, Toronto

DND Meteorologist Familiarization, Winnipeg

Farewell Party
Jan Walker

AMC Meeting, Downsview

Opening of C.A.R.E. at Egbert ON


Canadian Climate Centre - 10th Anniversary 

DND Meteorologist  Familiarization, Winnipeg

Howard Ferguson's Retirement

LIMEX Ice Exercise

MSC Western Region Managers' Conference, Banff AB

MPDS Demonstration, Downsview 


CIRAC Atmospheric Chemistry Course

Data Acquisition Management Meeting, Kananaskis AB

Regional Superintendents Conference

  AMC Meeting, Winnipeg

Retiree Lunch Group, Toronto

DND Meteorologist Familiarization Winnipeg


AES Vision Meeting

Mike Newark's Retirement

EC Communications Retreat

DND Meteorologist  Familiarization, Winnipeg

André Robert 

Polar Sunrise Project Group - York U.

Downsview Open House

DND Oceanography Course

Dorothy Neale's Retirement

DND Meteorologist  Familiarization, Winnipeg

DND CFWS Strategic Planning, Cornwall ON


GOES Workshop, Vancouver

Pre-Retirement Seminar - Central Region

Port Met Officers Meeting

Superintendents' Conference, Banff - 1993

DND Meteorologist  Familiarization, Winnipeg

DND Met Tech Occupation Group


AES Directors' Meeting
CFB Trenton

Canadian Forces Europe Reunion - CFB Trenton
Caricatures of  Roland List's Masters and PhD Students in 1975 (created in 1994)

DND CFWS Conference, Winnipeg MB

DND CFWS Technical and Advisory Committees


Retirement Party, Downsview

Ed Millar's Retirement

Lou Berthelot's Retirement

Met Support Team - Canada Winter Games, Grand Prairie AB

DND CFWS Strategic Planning Workshop, Cornwall ON


Aviation Meteorology - Bench at National Aviation Museum

Morley Thomas Book Launch

DND Promotes Master Warrant Officer Van Acker


Jan Glover's Retirement

DND CFWS Museum, Winnipeg


CMOS National Executive and Office Volunteers, Ottawa

DND Promotes Chief Warrant Officer Dennis Houde

Fishing Derby, Winnipeg 

Ontario Air Monitoring Meeting

Jack Mann's Retirement

MOPITT Team -  Vandenberg AFB, CA

Finance and Admin Branch Retreat, Burlington ON


Web Site / Catalogue Launch - Downsview Library

Gordon McBean's Retirement

Ron Donahue's Retirement

Christmas Party, Downsview


Maritimes' Weather Center Staff at AMS Conference - Albuquerque NM, 2001

ELBOW Project Team


Retiree Lunch Group, Toronto

Gerry Arsenault's Birthday, Winnipeg MB

JAWS Reunion, Calgary

DND 1CAD Conference

DND CFWS Museum, Winnipeg

DND 1CAD Conference

DND 1CAD Conference  

Ontario Air Monitoring Inspectors Meeting

Port Met Officers Meeting


Management Services Meeting (Ont Region)

Chinese New Year, Downsview

Information Management Day (Ottawa) 


CIOB Picnic

DND CFS Met Winnipeg
Change of Command


Drought Research Initiative - Course 23 Members Reunite

Reunion of Shearwater Forecasters

Reunion of Gander Forecasters

Morley Thomas, MSC Historian

Doug Whelpdale's Retirement



Ken Wu's Retirement

Reunion of Ice Observers, Ottawa

Finance Workshop (EC-Ontario Region)

Group Visit to King Radar 


Portrait Unveiling, Downsview

Group Photos - CMOS Congress 2009 - Halifax NS

Pat King's Retirement

Srinivasan Venkatesh Retirement

DND General Walter Natynczyk Visits CFS Met Winnipeg


Ontario Air Monitoring Meeting

Port Met Officers Meeting

ADMs of Meteorological Service Meet for Order of Canada Presentation 


DND Navy Met Mates Reunion, Kingston ON

DND Reunion of Naval Meteorological Technicians and Meteorologists, Dartmouth NS

NOWCasting Vancouver Olympic Workshop, Huntsville ON


MTC Reunion, Cornwall ON

Cape St. James Met Tech Reunion

Met Tech Lunch, Nanaimo BC


Randy Mawson's Retirement

Cape St. James Met Tech Reunion

Reunion of Ice Observers,
Massena NY


George Isaac's Retirement

Reunion of Ice Observers,
Massena NY

CONCEPTS Meeting, Montreal

Met Tech Reunion / Lunch, Courtenay BC

MSC Retirees Lunch, Vancouver


MSC Retirees Lunch, Nanaimo BC

Monitoring & Data Technicians Meeting,
Egbert ON

Bruce Heslip Retires 

Dedication of
Morley Thomas  Meteorological Archives, Downsview

MTC Christmas Lunch / Reunion, Cornwall ON

Paul Joe & Mary Knox


LAC Reunion CMOS Congress 2016, Fredericton NB

Dick Morgan Celebrates his 100th Birthday

MSC Retireees Lunch.
Vancouver BC

MTC Lunch / Reunion, Cornwall ON 

MSC Atlantic Retirees Picnic

Dedication of Richard Stengel Boardroom, North Bay ON

PACs Workshop, Toronto


Christine Best's Retirement

Reunions of Radar Researchers

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