Central Region Pre-retirement Seminar, Winnipeg: 17-19 November, 1993

(four photos - please scroll down)

Mike Balshaw, Lorne _, Diane Law, ?, Bill Nowosad.

seminar leader - Marlene Waterfield

back rows: Diane Law, Fred Lucio, Jim Bobby (centre, in white looking to left), ?, ?, ?.
front round table(l to r):  Tony Keck, Pat Murray (Findlay), Gerry D Machnee, Brian Crowe.

background, seven visible faces (l to r):  ?, Dianne McLaughlin, Richard McLaughlin, Marlene Waterfield, Helen Legal, Lou Legal, Joe Zawatsky.
middle lady in white top (below Marlene Waterfield):  Eileen Keck.
foreground, three visible faces (l to r):  Tony Keck, Gerald Machnee, Brian Crowe.

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