Central Analysis Office (CAO) Montreal Staff Photo - September 1953

(photo taken to commemorate the inauguration of the national facsimile circuit)
(the outside temperature was 93 degrees F)

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Top row (l to r) (7 people):  Art Duffy, Don McClellan, Ralph Anderson, Romeo Richard (technician), Paul Denison, Doug Page, Bob Dodds.
Third row: (7 people): ? (technican), Beth _ (technican), Byron (Barney) W Boville, Mike Kwizak, ? (technican), Charlie H James, ?.
Second row (6 people): Madame Arbuckle (former secretary), Agnes (Aggie) Smith (former secretary), James (Jim) McGill Leaver (OIC), Magda (Szasz) Kiraly (secretary), Celia Primeau (teletype), ?.
Front row:  ?, ?, _ O'Reilly, Brian Edwards.

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