Second CMS Congress - University of Calgary, 3-5 June 1968

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Names syntax: (maybe) after name - a guess
? - not bracketted - unknown.

Enlargement - Left

Top row (six):  André Robert, Les MacHattie, Harold Bush, Reg Hamilton, Jack B Wright, ? (partial face) (see also Enlargement - Centre).
Middle row (14 in all, staggered)Maurice Danard, ?, Doug Leahey (partly hidden), Roy Lee, Brian Barge, Mike Balshaw, Charles Warner, Richard (Rick) Lawford (partial face), ?, Pat Dillistone, Roddy Rogers, Walt Fryers, George Isaac, Frank Cushing.
Short row (three people):  Russell Schnell, Gabor Vali, G Oscar Villeneuve.
Front row (nine people):  Waltraud Brinkmann (LAC), Ruth Chambers (LAC), Polavarapu, ?, Patrick Pender, Sy Uhrich, Barry Wetter, William (Bill) L Gutierrez, Alan W Brewer.

Enlargement - Centre

Top rows (15, staggered at right):  ?, Gerald (Jerry) L Klein, J Reg Noble, Isaac (Ike) H Baerg, Svenn Orvig, Morley Thomas, ?, Tom Gigliotti, Horace P Wilson, Norman Thyer, Bob (Robert) Stark, Howard Ferguson, Bob Verge, Jim Renick, ?.
  Fourth (short) row (five full faces):  Syd Buckler, Clarence Penner, ?, ?, Herb Wahl.
  Third row (nine people)Lorne Cameron, Richmond (Dick) Longley, Erhard R (Art) Reinelt, Jake Ring, Jan Tissot van Patot, ?, ?, ?, ?.
  Second row (one person):  Gordon McBean.
  Front row (eight people):  Andrew Thomson, Byron W (Barney) Boville, Jean Lupien, Art Lamont, Jim A W McCulloch, Don Currie, Don S Ross, Tommy Thompson (see also Enlargement - Right).

Enlargement - Right

Top row (ten people):  Jim Renick, ?, ?, Joe Clodman, Hugh Cameron, S Van A Gordon, Ivan Rosens, Steve Checkwitch, ?, ?.
Third short row (three people):   Herb Wahl (see also Enlargement - Centre), Don Black, Mike Miyake.
Second row (eight people with full faces):  George Pincock, ?, ?, Don Storr, John M Powell, ?, ?, Bev M. Burns.
Front row (nine people):  Tommy Thompson, RBB Dickison, Stu Dewar, Keith D Hage, John Maybank, Peter Summers, Richard H (Dick) Douglas, Dave Fraser, Dean Smith.

Help with unidentifieds

The following were planning to attend this Congress and their names do not yet appear above:

CE Thompson (Edmonton Region) (not Tommy Thompson),
HA Thompson (not Tommy Thompson), HH Bindon (both HQs Climatology Division),
WL Godson, RE Munn, J Clodman, JR Latimer (all HQs Research and Training Division),
O Johnson, J McCallum, PR Kowal, NT Taylor (all DND).

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