Finance and Administration Branch Conference, 6-8 October 1976

original photo (see IDs under Enlargements)

Enlargement - Left

Standing (l to r): Don Barrett (HQ FSD), Al Verge (Atl Reg), Harold Humber (Atl Reg), Lorry Shepherd, Ann Russell (HQ Fin), Ken Hignell (HQ Chief Fin), Bridget Chambers (HQ Fin), Merv Tinck (Pac Reg), Ed Millar (HQ Fin).
Seated: Catherine Simmons (HQ Fin), Kay Rockett (HQ Personnel), Cal Carter (Not sure if FSD Fin or HQ Fin at that time).

Enlargement - Right

Standing (l to r):  Dick Shimoda, Luc Landers, Les Tibbles (HQ FSD), Will Martiniuk, Helen Podehl, Jerry Trembley (HQ Facilities), Bruno Major, Dan Roherty (Ont. Reg Fin), Louise Kindree (HQ Personnel), Roy Lee (HQ Dir Fin & Admin), Al Keating.
Seated:  Peter Chirka (Woodbridge Farm site), Keith Maughan (West Reg Fin), André Jacques (Que Reg Fin), Brent McVean (Cen Reg Fin), Ken Appleyard, Gisèle Marcella (CMC Fin).

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