*MOPITT Team at Launch of Terra Satellite, Vandenberg AFB, California - 18 December 1999

MOPITT instrument on board

 * Measurements Of Pollution In The Troposphere, specifically Carbon Monoxide

l to r:  Boyd Tolton, Jinxue Wang, Dwight Caldwell, Dennis Henry, Haijo Gabert, John Magliocco, George Bailak, John Hackett, Jim Drummond, Terry Girard.

University of Toronto:  Boyd Tolton, George Bailak, Jim Drummond.
COM DEV (Cambridge, ON):  Jinxue Wang, Dwight Caldwell, Haijo Gabert, Dennis Henry, John Magliocco, John Hackett, Terry Girard.

photo credit:  Rosemarie Drummond

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