DND Canadian Forces Weather Service (CFWS) Museum, Winnipeg MB
Construction - 1997 / Inauguration - 1998

Note:  The CFWS Museum was constructed in 1997, and inaugurated in 1998 in the School of Meteorology building.  The photos below cover these years. A "Wall of Honour" was added to the Museum in 2019 and will be cross-linked from here when photos are added.  A further cross-link is placed from here to Table 8, Office Staff Photos, as the staff seen below were part of the School of Meteorology in 1998.

Old display cabinet

Original display of course photos including an album covering courses before 1975

Hallway selected for new museum

Construction of cabinets

Completion of cabinet construction

On both sides of hallway

View in other direction

Inauguration in 1998

l to r:  Rick Dwyer, David Brown, Paul Deschambault (background, blurry),
Brian Van Acker, Ronn Anderson, Col Watt, Col. ?, Mike Cousens.

Inauguration in 1998

l to r:  Ronn Anderson, Col ? (back view), Mike Cousens, Col Watt (side view).

Inauguration in 1998

Mike Cousens and Col Watt

Inauguration in 1998

l to r:  ?, Mike Cousens, Paul Deschambault, Rick Dwyer.

Naval display

Naval display

Maps and instruments display

Naval radiofacsimile displays: top - facsimile printer

lower half: radio receiver and text teleprinter

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