Environment Canada Atmospheric Monitoring and Data Section Technicians - Egbert, Ontario, 10 May 2016

Original Photo (please scroll down for enlargements with IDs)

Enlargement Left

l to r:   Richard Campbell (Manager), Tony Hilton, Larry Dusolt, Kevin Everett, Steven Ball, Conway Lesperance,
Roy Hoffman, Dick Wasacase, Peter Tckaczuk, Greg Hammond, Albert Tagoe, Alex Mannapso, Gerald Pelland, Carol Lebel.

note: Fritz Blanc is number 15, last on right (top) with slanted cap and is totally hidden

Enlargement Right

l to r:  Sam Ye, Rob Simpson, Neil Diamond, Upul Karunarathne, Eugene Letourneau (partly hidden), George Chautico,
Shawn Rickard, Amaris Page, Shawn Livingstone, Brian Boucher, Matthew McMullan, Antonio Spina, Keith Clifford.

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