Morley Thomas, Celebrating his last day as MSC Historian - Downsview 21 November 2007

 (Morley was the MSC Historian from 1983 until 2007 - two photos; scroll down)

Top row (l to r):  Morley Thomas, Anna Deptuch-Stapf, Ken Devine, Tom Agnew, David Phillips, Christine Best (side).
Bottom row:  Mary-Anne Teeter, Sheila Osborne, Morley Thomas, Tom Agnew, Morley Thomas, David Phillips, Sheila Osborne, Christine Best and Anna Deptuch-Stapf.

l to r:  Roberta McCarthy, Christine Best, Anna Deptuch-Stapf, David Phillips (hidden), Tom Agnew (back), Alana Pollock, Denise Milberg (back), Jasmine Lightfoot*, Jennifer Smith*.

* Library Science Co-op Student

Photos taken by Alana Pollock

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