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Atmosphere (1963-1966) Canadian Branch, RMS / la Branche canadienne de la RMS

Atmosphere (1967-1977) Canadian Meteorological Society / la Société météorologique du Canada

Earlier publications of the Canadian Branch, RMS are linked from here

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a0101 Volume 1, No. 1 Winter 1963 A Message - An Editorial / Un mot du Président - Editorial
Arctic Winter - B.W. Boville
A Review - J.L. Galloway
Meetings of Centres
a0102 Volume 1, No. 2 Spring 1963 1963 National Congress (Canadian Branch, RMS) Issue

An Editorial - Come to the Congress
Editorial - Venez au Congrès
Minutes of the 22nd Annual Business Meeting May 14, 1962
Annual Report of the Executive Committee for 1962 - 63
Reports from Centres
Prize Committee
Treasurer's Report for year ending December 31, 1962
Nominations for 1963 - 64
National Meteorological Congress 1963 - Programme
Summaries of papers
Sketch map of Quebec City
a0103 Volume 1, No. 3 Autumn 1963 An Editorial - A Message
Editorial - Un Mot du Président
Modern Russian Techniques in Synoptic Analysis - by J.L. Galloway
The National Meteorological Congress June 5 - 6, 1963
Stanstead Seminar, 1963
Correction to Vol. 1, No. 2
Reports from Centres
A Day with the Canadian Association of Physicists
The R.M.S. President visits Canada

a0201 Volume 2, No. 1 Winter 1964 An Editorial / Editorial
October 1963 Weather - by D.E. McClellan
Perfect Grey Cup Weather - by R. Anderson
A Review - by D.E. Page
Reports from Centres
A Farewell to Dr. McTaggart-Cowan
a0202 Volume 2, No. 2 Spring 1964 1964 National Congress (Canadian Branch, RMS) Issue

An Editorial / Editorial
Minutes of the 23rd Annual Business Meeting, June 5,1963
Annual Report of the Executive Committee for 1963-64
Reports from Centres
Prize Committee
Treasurer's Report for year ending 31 December, 1963
Nominations for 1964-65
National Meteorological Congress 1964 and Programme
Summaries of papers
Map of Dalhousie University
a0203 Volume 2, No. 3 Autumn 1964 An Editorial / Editorial
A Christmas Treat for Meteorologists
Fifth National Congress of the Canadian Branch, R.M.S.
Reports from Centres
U. B. C. hosts A.A.A.S. Meetings
First Canadian Conference on Micro-meteorology
Preliminary Announcement, International Hydromet Symposium

a0301 Volume 3, No. 1 Winter 1965 An Editorial  / Editorial
Meteorology at the University of Toronto, by A.W. Brewer
Meteorology in Canada 1964, from Can. Geoph. Bull.
Some reflections on the international activities of a National Meteorological Service - W. L. Godson
Reports from Centres
The AAAS Meetings, Montreal, 1964, report - J.L. Galloway
Obituary Notice - W.E. Turnbull
a0302 Volume 3, No. 2 Spring 1965 1965 National Congress (Canadian Branch, RMS) Issue

Minutes of the 24th Annual Business Meeting, June 11, 1964
Reports from Centres
Editorial Committee Report
Award of the Patterson Medal
Programme, National Meteorological Congress, 1965
  • Session One, June 8, a.m.
  • Session Two, June 8, p.rn.
  • Session Three, June 9, a.m.
  • Session Four, June 9, p.m.
a0303 Volume 3, No. 3 Autumn 1965 Award of the Patterson Medal
Sixth National Congress of the Canadian Branch
McGill Observatory through 100 years - Nancy Bignell
Reports from Centres
Conference on Agricultural Meteorology

a0401 Volume 4, No. 1 Winter 1966 An Editorial / Editorial
A letter from the President
Proposed Constitution
A Budget Proposal
The Proposal and General Plan of Action
The Ballot
a0402 Volume 4, No. 2 Spring 1966 1966 National Congress (Canadian Branch, RMS) Issue

Minutes of the 25th Annual Business meeting, June 8, 1965
Annual Report of the Canadian Branch
Treasurer's Report for 1965
Editorial Committee Report
Annual Reports from Centres
Programme, National Meteorological Congress, 1966
  • Session One, June 8, a.m.
  • Session Two, June 8, p.m.
  • Session Three, I, June 9, a.m.
  • Session Three, II, June 9, a.m.
  • Session Four, June 10, a.m.
  • Session Five, June 10, p.m
a0403 Volume 4, No. 3 Fall 1966 In Memoriam - Alexander Burnett Lowe
The President's Guest Editorial
Our Outlook for Atmosphere
Inter Alia
Some Results & Prospects of Scientific Research in the Institutes of the Hydrometeorological Service of the USSR (1965-66) - E.K. Fedorov
Eastern Snow Conference
Report from the Toronto Centre
A Note on the Extreme Intensity of Ground-Based Temperature Inversions at Canadian Micro-meteorological Towers - I.M. Stewart
The Highest Temperature in Canada - J.G. Potter

Canadian Meteorological Society begins
la Société météorologique du Canada commence
a0501 Volume 5, No. 1 Winter 1967 EDITORIAL - "The Way Ahead" - A.W. Brewer
An Analysis of Smokiness at Regina and Saskatoon - R.E. Munn and D. Berengut
"Pilot Chimney" On The Waterloo Campus - G.T. Casandy
Application of Numerical Weather Prediction Techniques in the Operational Routine of the Hydrometeorological Service of the USSR - V.A. Bugaev and S.L. Belousov (TRANSLATION)
Inter Alia
Spotlight on the SOMAS ACGG NRC
Notes from Council
Letters to the Editor
a0502 Volume 5, No. 2 Spring 1967 EDITORIAL - "Atmosphere - What Next?"
The Weather That Was -1966 - M.K. Thomas
A Case Study of a Weather Satellite Photograph Mosaic - M.S. Hirt
A Statistical. Relationship Between Solar Radiation, Sunshine and Relative and Humidity in the Tropics - R.K. Swartman and O. Ogunlade
Some Highlights of Canadian Weather in Centennial Year 1967 - M.K. Thomas
Inter Alia
a0503 Volume 5, No. 3 Summer 1967 The Upper Atmosphere and Meteorology Today - A Review - A.D. Christie
Letter to the President
A Rational System of Hydrometeorological Information - E.K. Fedorov
Notes From Council
Publication Exchange
Inter Alia
a0504 Volume 5, No. 4 Fall 1967 Rime Icing on Mt. Kobau
The Frequency of Winter Chinooks in Alberta - R.W. Longley
First Canadian Meteorological Commemorative Postage stamp
Hot-Wire and Sonic Anemometry - A Description and Comparison - D.M. Whelpdale
Inter Alia
La Société de Météorologie de Québec - G.O. Villeneuve
Emerging Problems in the Management of Atmospheric Resources in Canada - W.R.D. Sewell and J.E. McMeiken

a0601 Volume 6, No. 1, 1968 Terminal Forecasting and Supersonic Transport - J. Clodman
A Reaction to the Rose Report  - K.D. Hage
The Rose Report - A Review - C.L. Mateer - H. Cameron
Summer Rainfall in India - Part 1 - A.K. Chakravarti
World Meteorological Organization - CAGM IV - G.W. Robertson
Inter Alia
a0602 Volume 6, No. 2, 1968 The Structure and Movement of The Chinook In Alberta - W. Brinkmann and I.Y. Ashwell
Spotlight on Garp - W.L. Godson
Second Annual Congress  
The Diurnal Variation of Wind Direction at Calgary - R.W. Longley
Inter Alia
a0603 Volume 6, No. 3, 1968 Using a Computer to Estimate Normals of Temperature and Derived Variables for any Point on the Great Plains - G.D.V. Williams
Summer Rainfall In India - A Review of Monsoonal and Extramonsoonal Aspects - A.K. Chakravarti
Adjustments to the Weather - Choice Or Chance? - W.J. Maunder and W.R.D. Sewell
Centennial Weather - !967 - M.K. Thomas
Inter Alia
La Société de Météorologie de Québec - G.O. Villeneuve
a0604 Volume 6, No. 4, 1968 Meteorological Studies at Mt. Kobau, B.C. - J.S. McLernon
Two Warm Frontal Passages at Ottawa, Canada - R.E. Munn
Water Balance of Extratropical Cyclones - Maurice B. Danard
Some Notes on Radiation and Long-Term Climatic Variations - H.L. Ferguson
Historical Note - Bristol? In Alaska? - J. McCulloch
Atmospheric Pollution on the Moon: A Future Problem? - W.R. Fryers
Review - Climatology and The World's Climates by George R. Rumney - M.K. Thomas
Third International Cloud Physics Conference, Toronto, Ontario
Inter Alia

a0701 Volume 7, No. 1, 1969 The Diurnal Variation of Wind Direction at Calgary - further comments - R.W. Longley
Tower Instrumentation without Hazard - J.W. Fraser and D.A. Tetu
The La Rivière Tornado, July 20th, 1968 - E.H.V. Dexter
The Design and Benefits of an Automatic Picture Transmission Network - J. Clodman
The Consumer and the Weather Forecast - W.J. Maunder
Inter Alia
Volume 7, No. 2, 1969 Meteorology in Watershed Research in Alberta - D. Storr
Lapwings in Newfoundland - J.J. Moakler
The Winter of 1968-69 in the Lower Fraser Valley of British Columbia - Norman Green
Final Report of Project MAMEX - Martha and Mandy
Experiment in Pollution Transport During Peel County Cleaner Air Week Campaign - M.S. Hirt and S.E. Dinning
Third Annual Congress
Inter Alia
a0703 Volume 7, No. 3, 1969 The Use of Numerical Probability Factors in Public Forecasts for the Prediction of Precipitation Occurrence - J.L. Knox
Pollution Wind-Rose Analysis - R.E. Munn
A Voice for Canadian Science? - M.K. Thomas
Book Review: Weather and Life - T.J. Gillespie
Notes From Council
Inter Alia
a0704 Volume 7, No. 4, 1969 The Role of Meteorology in the National Economy - P.D. McTaggart-Cowan
A Preliminary Survey of Some Lightning-Hailstorm Relationships - J.E. Pakiam and J. Maybank
Seasonal Trends in the Frequencies of Strong Winds over Lake Superior and the Gulf of St. Lawrence - R.E. Munn
Meteorological Branch Research and Training Division Re-organization
SCITEC - M.K. Thomas
Book Review: Instant Weather Forecasting in Canada - J.N. LeMay
Notes From Council
Inter Alia

a0801 Volume 8, No. 1, 1970 Report from the President on the 4th Annual Congress - D.N. McMullen
Meteorological Aspects of Air Pollution Control - L. Shenfeld
Theoretical Meteorology and the Operational Meteorologist - C.M. Penner
A Note on the Break-up of Lakes and Rivers as Indicators of Climate Change - G.P. Williams
Meteorology at the University of Alberta - R.W. Longley
Notes from Council
Inter Alia
Index for Volume 7, 1969
a0802 Volume 8, No. 2, 1970 Fourth Annual Congress
A Preliminary Climatology of Ground-based Inversions in Canada - R.E. Munn, J. Tomlain, R.L. Titus
An Airflow Problem - H.P. Wilson
Inter Alia
Notes from Council
a08Cong Volume 8, June 1970 * 4th Annual Congress Issue
a0803 Volume 8, No. 3, 1970 Meteorological Conditions in Windsor, Ontario, During the Passage of a Ridge of High Pressure - H.J. Wilson
Training of Technicians and Technologists in Canada - M.F. Dolan
Performance Oriented Training for Canadian Armed Forces Meteorological Technicians - J.R. Lauder
The New Home of the Canadian Meteorological Service
Notes from Council
Index to Volumes 1-6, 1963-1968
a0804 Volume 8, No. 4, 1970 Meteorological Teaching in School Programs - L.K. McGlening
On the Variation of the 500-mb Wind and its Effect on the Release of Instability in the Lee of the Alberta Rockies - E.R. Reinelt
Precipitable Water Over Canada, I Computation - J.E. Hay
Book Review: Descriptive Meteorology - L.C. Nkemdirim
Notes from Council
Meetings including Fifth Annual Congress
Index for Volume 8, 1970
Editorial Note

Volume 9, No. 1, 1971 From the President
Letter from the Administrator, Canadian Meteorological Service
A Brief History of Meteorological Services in Canada, Part 1: 1839-1930 - Morley K. Thomas
Atmospheric Electricity Measurements in Toronto - Bhartendu
PH.D. Program at the University of Alberta
A Review of Some Recent Observational and Dynamical Studies of Lake-Effect Winter Disturbances - Gandikota V. Rao and Maurice B. Danard
Notes from Council Fifth Annual Congress
Volume 9, No. 2, 1971 A Brief History of Canadian Meteorological Services, Part 2: 1930-1939 - Morley K. Thomas
500-Millibar Prediction by Statistical Methods - R.H. Robinson
Call for Papers - Sixth Annual Congress
Book Reviews
Notes from Council
a09Cong Volume 9, May 1971 * 5th Annual Congress Issue
Volume 9, No. 3, 1971 A Brief History of Meteorological Services in Canada, Part 3: 1939-1945 - Morley K. Thomas
Fifth Annual Congress
Annual General Meeting
Associated Events
Book Review
Notes from Council
Call for Nominations -1971 Awards
SCITEC Annual Meeting -The President Reports
Call for Papers - Sixth Annual Congress
New Postal Address for C.M.S.
a0904 Volume 9, No. 4, 1971 Precipitable Water over Canada: II Distribution - John E. Hay
Chaleur Urbaine à Montréal - Conrad East
Book Reviews
Notes from Council
The Canadian Meteorological Society and Public Information
Index to Volume 9
Call for Papers - Sixth Annual Congress
Call for Nominations -1971 Awards
1972 Lecture Tour

a1001 Volume 10, No. 1, 1972 Truncation Error in a Spectral Model - P.E. Merilees
Book Review
The Environmental Cycle: A Basis for Action - D.P. McIntyre
The Contribution Made by Air-Borne Pollutants to the Pollution of Large Bodies of Water - D.M. Whelpdale
Snow Devils - A Meteorological Oddity - D. Storr
Notes from Council
Symposium - A History of Meteorological Challenges
C.E. Stevens, 1916-1971
a1002 Volume 10, No. 2, 1972 Persistence of Light Surface Winds in Canada - R.W. Shaw, M.S. Hirt and M.A. Tilley
Book Reviews
Integration of a Semi-Implicit Model with Time-Dependent Boundary Conditions - Richard Asselin
Notes from Council
a10Cong Volume10, May - June 1972
* 6th Annual Congress Issue
a1003 Volume 10, No. 3, 1972 Acoustic Echo Soundings in Urban Toronto - R. List, R.C. Bennett and U. Rentsch
Book Reviews
An Approach to the Mapping of the Statistical Properties of Gradient Winds (Over Canada) - A.G. Davenport and C.J. Baynes
Sixth Annual Congress
Annual General Meeting
Associated Events
Notes from Council
Can for Papers - Seventh Annual Congress
Call for Nominations -1972 Awards
a1004 Volume 10, No. 4, 1972 Man, Matador and Meteorology - Earle A. Ripley
On the Propagation of Local Errors in a Primitive Equations Model - Jacques Derome
Snow Rollers - Lakeburn, N.B., April 5, 1972 - M.J. Perry
Canadian Participation in the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology - World Meteorological Organization - W. Baier
Annual Canada-Wide Science Fair Report
Index to Volume 10
Call for Papers - Seventh Annual Congress
Call for Nominations -1972 Awards
New Postal Code for C.M.S.

a1101 Volume 11, No. 1, 1973 Mesoscale Effects of Hailstorms on the Environmental Air - N.J. Cherry and R.R. Rogers
The Pseudospectral Approximation Applied to the Shallow Water Equations on a Sphere - Philip E. Merilees
Book Reviews
A Case Study of Mixing-Height Variations in the Toronto Area - B. Padmanabhamurty and R.E. Munn
A Note on Waves, Wavegroups, and Local Influence - James H.S. Bradley
Notes from Council
A Mirage at Regina -  John R. Hendricks
a1102 Volume 11, No. 2, 1973 An Effect of Finite Differences on the Estimation of Predictability - Philip E. Merilees
Book Review
The Relation Between the North Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly During the Sixties and Hail Damage in Alberta - John Dublin
Seasonal and Annual Precipitation Efficiency in Canada - Stanton E. Tuller
Forecast Research Symposium - Paul E. Carlson
APT Photograph
Notes from Council
Robert M. Holmes, 1928-1973
a11Cong Volume 11, May-June, 1973 * 7th Annual Congress Issue
a1103 Volume 11, No. 3, 1973 Tetroon Studies of Diffusion Potential in the Airshed Surrounding the Crowsnest Pass Area - D.M. Leahey and H.S. Hicklin
Snow Accretion on Power Lines D.Bauer
Notes from Council
Lidar Study of Atmospheric Particulate Over the City of London - Donald R. Hay and Victor E. Sells
Seventh Annual Congress
Annual General Meeting
Associated Events
Book Reviews
Summer Weather Highlights
APT Photograph
Call for Papers - Eighth Annual Congress
Call for Nominations -1973 Awards
New Editorial Address
a1104 Volume 11, No. 4, 1973  SPECIAL ISSUE Dedication
Andrew Thomson: A Profile - M.K. Thomas
Remarks on Climatic Intransitivity and the 1972 Pacific Anomaly - H.Flohn
Oscillations in a Basin of Cold Air - Bernhard Haurwitz
The Helicoid Anemometer Gerald - C. Gill
Secular Increases in Summer Haziness in the Atlantic Provinces - R.E.Munn
Lidar Evidence of Thermal Plumes in an Urban Environment - V.E. Sells and D.R. Hay
The Heat and Water Budgets of a Beaver Pond - E. Vowinckel and Svenn Orvig
The Effect of Particle Size Distributions on the Dynamics of Falling Precipitation Zones - Roland List and Terry L. Clark
Hail. Science and Politics - W.F. Hitschfeld
A Source of Hail Embryos - J. Stewart Marshall and Walter Hitschfeld
Hydrometeorology in the Atmospheric Environment Service - T.L. Richards
Book Review
Kelvin-Helmholtz Billows - A Visual Example - K.D.Hage
Autumn Weather Highlights 1973

a1201 Volume 12, No. 1, 1974 Editorial
Note from the Executive
A Synoptic Parameterization of the Drag Coefficient - Joan Vyverberg Jensen
Révérend Père Ernesto Gherzi 1886--1973
The Use of Isentropic Coordinates in the Formulation of Objective Analysis and Numerical Prediction Models - M.A. Shapiro
An Operational Windchill Index - H.T. Beal
The Correlation of Snowpack with Topography and Snowmelt Runoff on Marmot Creek Basin, Alberta - Douglas L. Golding
Book Review
a1202 Volume 12, No. 2, 1974 Monthly Areal Precipitation Totals from 24-hour Computer Forecasts - P. G. Aber and C.N. H. Hall
New Address for CMS Executive
Notice of Fees Increase
Diffusion of Vehicle Exhaust Fumes
F.H. Fanaki and J. Kovalick
Call for Papers - Ninth Annual Congress
Call for Nominations -1974 Awards
A Preliminary Investigation of Winter Air Pollution Potential at Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories -  D. Yap
APT Photograph
Notes and Correspondence
Book Reviews
Saskatchewan Hail Research Project
a12Cong Volume 12, May 1974 * 8th Annual Congress Issue
a1203 Volume 12, No. 3, 1974 Numerical Experiments with the Pseudospectral Method in Spherical Coordinates - Philip E. Merilees
A High Resolution Numerical Study of the Sea-Breeze Front - Steven Lambert
The Adjustment of the Wind Field to Small Scale Topography In a Numerical Weather Prediction Model - Hubert Allard and Jacques Derome
Notes and Correspondence
Call for Nominations -1974 Awards
Book Reviews
Call for Papers -Ninth Annual Congress
Andrew Thomson O.B.E. 1893-1974
a1204 Volume 12, No. 4, 1974 Cross-Equatorial Error Propagation: A Numerical Simulation - Roger Daley
Changes in the Canadian Definitions of Break-up and Freeze-up - A.J.W. Catchpole and D.W. Moodie
Low Level Wind Maxima and Temperature Inversions Over The Northern Great Plains - Richard E. Peterson
Book Review
Plume Convection Over an Urban Area as Observed by Acoustic Echo Sounding - Roland List and Humfrey Melling
Index to Volume 12

a1301 Volume 13, No. 1, 1975 The Green Flash and Clear Air Turbulence - Alistair B. Fraser
Techniques d'Echantillonnage et d'Analyse Granulométrique des Brouillards - Michel J.E. Gauthier et Conrad East
A Note on Fluctuations in the Normal Temperature Trend at Selected Canadian Stations - G.S. Strong and M.L. Khandekar
The Relationship between Forest Fire Occurrence and 500 mb Longwave Ridging - M.J. Newark
Book Review
Membership Application Form / Formule d' Adhesion
a1302 Volume 13, No. 2, 1975 Turbulent Fluxes over Lake Ontario During a Cold Frontal Passage - G.A. McBean
Une Methode d'Étude Expérimentale "in situ" de la Zone d'Échange entre les Nuages Convectifs et leur Environnement - Serge Chauzy, Antoine Elefterion et Phillippe Sarthou
The 15-25 µm Barrier to Drop Growth in Warm Rain - R.L. Hawkes
Call for Nominations -1975 Awards
Notes and Correspondence
Appel aux Candidatures pour les Prix et Citations 1975
Call for Papers -Tenth Annual Congress
Contributions Scientifiques au Dixième Congrès Annuel
a13Cong Volume 13, May 1975 * 9th Annual Congress Issue
a1303 Volume 13, No. 3, 1975 On Truncation Errors in Sigma-System Models - Hilding Sundqvist
Climatic Teleconnections with the Equatorial Pacific and the Role of Ocean/Atmosphere Coupling -  Hermann Flohn and Heribert Fleer
Airflow from Mustard to Fallow - R.P. Angle
Call for Papers -Tenth Annual Congress
Notes and Correspondence
Contributions scientifiques au dixième congrès annuel
Book Reviews
Inside back cover
Call for Nominations -1975 Awards
Appel aux candidatures pour les prix et citations 1975
a1304 Volume 13, No. 4, 1975 The General Circulation of the Pacific Ocean and a Brief Account of the Oceanographic Structure of the North Pacific Ocean Part 1 - Circulation and Volume Transports - S. Tabata
Effective Wind Stress over the Great Lakes Derived from Long-Term Numerical Model Simulations - - T.J. Simons
Fourier Series on Spheres - George J. Boer and Leonard Steinberg
An Elementary Parcel Model With Explicit Condensation and Supersaturation - R.R. Rogers
Book Reviews
Index to Volume 13

a1401 Volume 14, No. 1, 1976 The General Circulation of the Pacific Ocean and a Brief Account of the Oceanographic Structure of the North Pacific Ocean Part II -Thermal Regime and Influence on the Climate - S. Tabata
Evidence of Long Lee Waves in Southern Alberta - Peter F. Lester
On Verticalloterpolation and Truncation in Connexion with Use of Sigma System Models - Hilding Sundqvist
Notes and Correspondence
Book Reviews
a1402 Volume 14, No. 2, 1976 Features of the Proportionality Coefficient in the Relationship Between Visibility and Liquid Water Content in Haze and Fog - Claudio Tomasi and Francesco Tampieri
Spectra of Surface Atmospheric Quantities at Ocean Weathership P - David Fissel, Stephen Pond and Mikio Miyake
Meeting Announcements
Short-Term Forecasting with a Multi-Level Spectral Primitive Equation Model Part I - Model Formulation - Roger Daley, Claude Girard, John Henderson and Ian Simmonds
Short-Term Forecasting with a Multi-Level Spectral Primitive Equation Model Part II -Hemispheric Prognoses and Verification - Roger Daley, Claude Girard, John Henderson and Ian Simmonds
Notes and Correspondence
Book Reviews
a14Cong Volume 14, mai 1976 * Edition du 10e Congrès Annuel / 10th Annual Congress Issue
a1403 Volume 14, No. 3, 1976  SPECIAL ISSUE

Foreword - P.E. Merilees
Meteorological and Ozone Data for the Project STRATOPROBE Balloon Flights of 8 and 22 July, 1974 - S.E. Bain, C.L. Mateer and W.F.J. Evans
The Measurement of Minor Stratospheric Constituent Concentrations by Far Infra-Red Emission Spectroscopy - T.A. Clark and D.J.W. Kendall
Measurement of Stratospheric Nitrogen Dioxide from the AES Stratospheric Balloon Program - J.B. Kerr and C.T. McElroy
The Altitude Distribution of Nitric Acid at Churchill - W.F.J. Evans, C.I. Lin and C.L. Midwinter
Altitude Profile and Sunset Decay Measurements of Stratospheric Nitric Oxide - B.A. Ridley, J.T. Bruin, H.I. Schiff and J.C. McConnell
Intercomparison of NO, NO2 and HNO3 Measurements with Photochemical Theory - W.F.J. Evans, J.B. Kerr, D.I. Wardle, J.C. McConnell, B.A. Ridley and H.I. Schiff
Solar Ultraviolet Flux Measurements - D.J. McEwen and H.T. Meredith
Theoretical Simulation of Solar Ultraviolet Fluxes Measured on the 8 July 1974 STRATOPROBE I Flights M.W.P. Cann, R.W. Nicholls, W.F.J. Evans and D.J. McEwen
The Steady-State Structure of the Natural Stratosphere and Ozone Distribution in a 2-D Model Incorporating Radiation and O-H-N Photochemistry and the Effects of Stratospheric Pollutants - R. Krishna Rao Vupputuri
Notes and Correspondence
Book Reviews
Call for Papers - Eleventh Annual Congress / Appel de Textes - Onzième Congrès Annuel
a1404 Volume 14, No. 4, 1976 On the Modelling of Stationary PI anetary Waves - Christiane Beaudoin and Jacques Derome
Scaling Turbulence in the Planetary Boundary Layer - G.A.McBean
Call for Papers - Second Conference on Hydrometeorology
The Distinction Between Canopy and Boundary-Layer Urban Heat Islands - T.R.Oke
A Revised Method for Determining the Direct and Diffuse Components of the Total Short-Wave Radiation - John E. Hay
Seasonal Variability of Rainfall Extremes - Trevor Dickinson
Call for Papers - Eleventh Annual Congress / Sollicitation de Papiers - Onzième Congrès
Modelling Direct, Diffuse, and Total Solar Radiation for Cloudless Days - P.W. Suckling and John E. Hay
Notes and Correspondence
Book Reviews
Call for Nominations -1976 Awards / Appel aux candidatures pour les prix et citations 1976
Index to Volume 14

a1501 Volume 15, No. 1, 1977 Direct Simulation of Convective Adjustment and Other Ensemble Effects - David E. Dietrich
Experiments with a Polar Filter and a One-Dimensional Semi-Implicit Algorithm - Philip E. Meritees, Pierre Ducharme, and Ghislain Jacques
An Alberta Study to Objectively Measure Hailfall Intensity - G.S. Strong and E.P. Lozowski
Notes and Correspondence
Book Reviews
Formule d'adhésion / Membership Application Form
a1502 Volume 15, No. 2, 1977 Experimental Point and Area Precipitation Probability Forecasts for a Forecast Area with Significant Local Effects - Allan H. Murphy and Robert L. Winkler
The Ice Phase and the Evolution of Cloud Droplet Spectra - H.G. Leighton
On the Breakdown of the Westerlies - Harald Lejenäs
Notes and Correspondence
Book Reviews
Call for Papers-Symposium on the Oceanography of the St Lawrence Estuary
a15Cong Volume 15, June 1977 * 11th Annual Congress Issue
a1503 Volume 15, No. 3, 1977 Low-Frequency Motions on the Scotian Shelf and Slope - Brian Petrie and Peter C. Smith
Coastal Trapped Waves, with Application to the Northeast Pacific Ocean - D.G. Wright and L.A. Mysak
The Energy of Near-Surface Internal Waves in the Strait of Georgia - G. Samuels and P.H. LeBlond
Book Review
Call for Papers -Twelfth Annual Congress / Appel de Textes - Douzième Congrès Annuel
a1504 Volume 15, No. 4, 1977 Editorial
Comparison of Drag Coefficients Over Water Measured Directly and Determined by Wind Profile -  Amin H. Meshal
The Energy Budget of the Sable Island Ocean Region - E. Vowinckel and Svenn Orvig
A Cloud Layer-Sunshine Model for Estimating Direct, Diffuse and Total Solar Radiation - P.W. Suckling and J.E. Hay
Book Reviews
Conference Summary
Society Announcements / Nouvelles de la Société
Index to Volume 15

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