Table One - Wartime Courses (see Notes)





1945 and 1946:

Names on Short Course 1

Short Course 2

Short Course 3


Short Course 4

Short Course 5

Short Course 6

Short Course 7

Advanced Course 1

Advanced Course 2

Advanced Course 3


Names on Short Course 8

Short Courses 9A & 9B

Advanced Course 4

Short Course 10

Names on Short Course 11

Short Course 12

Advanced Course 5

British Commonwealth Air Training Program (BCATP) Course

Advanced Course 6 - 1945

Advanced Course 7 - 1946


Note (credits) re Wartime Course Photos

Most of these photos have been very kindly contributed by Morley Thomas.  The photos are from his extensive collection which formed part of the background for his book, Metmen in Wartime.

Many of the photos were originally published in the AES / MSC employee magazine Zephyr.

BCATP photo was published in Chinook

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