*Short Courses 9A and 9B in Meteorology - May to August 1943

* 9A was the course given to math and physics graduates while 9B was for any other graduates MSC had been able to recruit.

Fifth rows to top - see enlargement below
Fourth row (l to r) (8):  ?, ?, ?, Wally L Gutzman, ?, ?, ?, ?.
Third row (8):  all unidentified.
Second row (9): ?, James R Fowler, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, B Vern Benedictson, E (Gene) S Hallman.
Front row:  ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Frances Carson (Sutherland), Joan E Griffiths, Patricia Ball (Powe).

Included in front row(s):   Fred E Burbidge, 

Go to complete list of names as published in Metmen in Wartime by Morley K Thomas

Enlargement of Top Rows

Top row (6):  all unidentified.
Fifth & Sixth rows (staggered) (8):  ?, ?, ?, ?, Don Boyd ,?, ?, ? (partly hidden).
Fourth row (6):   ?, ?, ? (in front but behind #2 & #4), Audy Des Roches, ?, ?.

  Complete list of names as published in Metmen in Wartime by Morley K Thomas

Short Course 9A:  Patricia E Ball (Powe), B Vern Benedictson, GH Bevan, DW Boyd, RH Bridgman, FF Burbidge, Frances Carson (Sutherland), OF Carter, S Christie, JA Doyle, A Edwards, AJ Filmer, Joan E Griffiths, Wally L Gutzman, DH Hanson, WC Hood, EE Lewis, WW Moorehouse, AH Morrish, JE Parnell, GV Patrick, KG Pettit, BA Power, R Rogers, I Sheichet, WH Smith, H Sussman, R (Bob) H Swansburg, JH Wells, E Wybourn.

Short Course 9B: HT Baker, Ed R Burford, J Carther, JFH Connor, NS Dean, AJ DesRoches, G Donaldson, W Doucet, Jim R Fowler, CA Frank, E (Gene) S Hallman, G Higgins, HW How, GH Jeffrey, DP Kerr, L Laking, W Main, TES Mather, Miss M Mercer, JAE Monnette, JM Mulholland, MA Parker, B Piercy, DE Rivers, Percy Saltzman, JE Samson, HD Skirrow, JE Tapsell, JA Townsend, FH Walden.

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