Chinook (1978 - 1989)


Chinook was a Canadian magazine for those interested in meteorology, published between 1978 and 1989.  It included a mix of feature articles, book reviews and news items, including many articles in French.  Many of these articles stand the test of time, or are of special historical interest.

It was originally founded by Michael J. Newark of Weather Enterprises who published and edited it until Vol. 6 No. 1, 1984, at which time CMOS took ownership of the publication.  CMOS is the copyright holder of Chinook.  The format changed over the years.

The complete Chinook index is published below. All issues have been scanned and are linked from column two. Each issue can be viewed as a pdf document with bookmark indexing and links to the articles from the contents page (usually page three of each issue).

Copies of Chinook are also found in numerous libraries.
Le magazine météorologique Canadien Chinook fut publié entre 1978 et 1989.  Il contenait une variété d’articles, revues de livres et nouvelles, surtout en anglais mais aussi en français.  Plusieurs de ces articles demeurent actuels ou ont un intérêt historique.

Il fut fondé par Michael J. Newark de Weather Enterprises, qui l'a publié et édité jusqu'au volume 6 no. 1, 1984, date où la publication fut transférée à la SCMO.  La SCMO détient les droit d'auteur pour Chinook.  Le format varie donc au cours des années.

L'index complet de Chinook est publié ici-bas. Tous les numéros ont été balayés en pdf et sont reliés à partir de la colonne deux. Chaque numéro est un dossier séparé avec panneau de signets et liens aux articles sur la page d'index (généralement page trois).

On peut trouver de copies de Chinook dans plusieurs bibliothèques. 


Volume 1 ch0101 Fall 1978 October  

From internal Environment Canada report Wind Power Generation in Ontario: Are the wind resources of the province sufficient to generate useful power?
Wigginism:  The notoriety which sprang from a series of bombastic weather prophecies made by Ezekiel Stone Wiggins.
    Scott Somerville March 1870: The month of the big snow
From the Publisher
      Window on Weather: A Satellite View of the Chinook
      Severe Storm Log
    Scott Somerville Past Weather March 1870: The Month of the Big Snow
  ch0102 January 1979  
    Roger Smith
The Nature of Snow Squalls
    From internal Environment Canada report Tips on Locating an Aerogenerator
St. Mary's Cyclo-Stormograph

All About Hurricanes

To the Editor

Window on Weather
    Scott Somerville Past Weather: Dr. Workman's Weather Journal
      Severe Storm Log: Newfoundland's Brush with Hurricane Ella
    Bev Cudbird Book Review
    R.G. Stark Arch Puzzle
  ch0103 Spring 1979  
    R.W. Shuel Beekeeping and the Weather
    Scott Somerville A Vennorable Weather Prophet
      Lightning: Facts and Figures
      To The Editor
      The Weather Amateur: P.L. Clemens' $3.85 Pendelum Anemometer
      News and Notes
      Window on Weather
      Past Weather; The Brockville Lightning Disaster
    R.G. Stark Arch Puzzle
  ch0104 Summer 1979  
    Bryan Smith The Comfort Zone
    Hans Martin Acid Rain
      A Perspective on Acid Rain Causes
      The Buctouche Tornado
      To the Editor
      Severe Storm Log
      Window of the Weather: A Plume of Vegetation Damage
    R.G. Stark Arch Puzzle No. 5
      News and Notes
      Volume One Index
    Gordon W. Gee Book Review
Volume 2 ch0201 Fall 1979  
      The Weatherman in Court
    Scott Somerville Dark Days
      A Case of Blocking
    S. Couban and A. Hubbard The Weather Amateur: Simulated Acid Rain Experiments
      Severe Storm Log:  The Woodstock Tornado
    C. Klaponski Book Review
    R.G. Stark Arch Puzzle
  ch0202 Winter 1979/1980  
A.F. Davies
Severe Thunderstorm, 592 B.C. An Eye-witness Account
    Keith D. Hage An "Edmonton Chinook"
      To the Editor
      Severe Storm Log 1979 Almanac Edition
    Donald Netolitzky The Weather Amateur: Snow Crystals
    John L. Knox Book Review
    Oscar Koren Window on Weather: Black stratus
    Claude Labine Trade Winds
  ch0203 Spring 1980  
    Mark Ockwell Searching for the Best Aerogenerator Site
    Simon M. Kevan Under the Weather?
  A Profile of Percy Saltzman
Ron Hepworth Nature's Living Weather Instruments
      To the Editor
      News and Notes
    R.G. Stark Arch Puzzle
    Claude Labine Trade winds
      Professional and Business Directory
  ch0204 Summer 1980  
    F. Fanaki Smoke Plume Behaviour
    R.H. Goodman The Weather and Offshore Drilling
      The Voyage of the Neptune

News and Notes

David Greening and Ian Kroll The Weather Amateur: The Hurricane Machine
    R.G. Stark Arch Puzzle
    Simon F. Kevan Book Review
      Window on Weather: Mt. St. Helens Ash Clouds
    Claude Labine Trade Winds
      Professional and Business Directory
Volume 3 ch0301 Fall 1980  
    Henry Stanski Calculating Home Heat Savings
    D.G. Schaefer Snowrollers
      Dust Devils: A Photo Feature
    D.J. Bauer and Alfred P. Arthur Sunflower Moths Ride the Winds to Saskatchewan
      To the Editor
    David Etkin Window on Weather: Black is the Same as White
    Bruce Findlay, Carole Klaponski Book Review
    Sandra Newark Scramblewords or Jumble-words
    Claude Labine Trade Winds
      Professional and Business Directory
  ch0302 Winter 1980/1981  
    H.A. Buckmaster The CO2 Crisis
    Peter Chen L'éclipse solaire de 1979
    Richard Leduc La ville et son climat
    John C. Royle Designing for a Northern Climate
      News and Notes
      Severe Weather Log
      Book Review
    Claude Labine Trade Winds
      Arch Puzzle
      Professional and Business Directory
  ch0303 Spring 1981  
    F. Fanaki Bénard Cells
    Richard Moffet Le quotidien du prévisioniste
      Great Storms of 1913
      The Mark of a Snow Devil
    Y.S. Chung and O. Koren Weather Phenomena over the Great Lakes
      To the Editor
      Arch Puzzle
      News and Notes
    Claude Labine Trade Winds
      Professional and Business Directory
  ch0304 Summer 1981  
    Louis Legal The Importance of Weather Satellites to British Columbia
    A.F. Davies Unusual Snowfall in the Negev Desert and Amman
    Claude Masse Les pluies acides
    Scott Somerville Dr. Charles Smallwood, a Meteorological Pioneer
      Book Review
    Bob Stark Arch Puzzle
    Claude Labine and Scott Somerville Trade Winds: Chinook Visits Airflow Developments
      Volume Three Index
      Professional and Business Directory
Volume 4 ch0401 Fall 1981  
    Y.S. Chung Roadside Air Pollution
      A Salute to the Weather Amateur
    Richard Leduc Climat et environnement
    Peter Chen Les pyrocumulus
    Scott Somerville Heat and Drought, 1930's Style
      To the Editor
      News and Notes
      Arch Puzzle
    Scott Somerville Trade Winds: M.I.C. Company and Baker Instruments
      Professional and Business Directory


Winter 1981-1982 / Spring 1982  
    G.S. Strong Hailstorms! Why Alberta
    Stanislaus Siok La prévision et la détection du temps violent au Québec
    K.D. Hage The Kelvington Tornado
      From the Editor
      To the Editor
    Claude Labine Trade Winds
      Professional and Business Directory
  ch0404 Summer 1982  
    D. Pronger Project "Fig"
      Waterspouts A Photo Feature
    Michael J. Newark Meteorological Hazards
      News and Notes
      Book Review
    Claude Labine Trade Winds
      Volume Four Index
      Professional and Business Directory
Volume 5 ch0501


Fall 1982 / Winter 1982-1983  
      Icing A Photo Feature
      Energy Brief Energy and the Environment
    Don L. Gary et Yolande Stroobants Borne Météorologique
      The Niagara River Ice Boom
    Anne V. Whyte and Michael R. Harrison Climate Change - The Public's Perception
      News and Notes
      Book Review
    Claude Labine, Scott Somerville Trade Winds: A Visit with Weather Consultants of Canada
      Professional and Business Directory
Volume 5

Volume 6



Fall 1983 / Winter 1983-1984  
    Vladimir Fyodorov Weather Forecasting in the Soviet North
      Satellite Photos - The Best of 1983
    Michael J. Newark The Pre-Confederation Weather Network
      Arch Puzzle No 19
      News and Notes
      Professional and Business Directory
  ch0602 Spring 1984
    H.G. Hengeveld About Global Climate Change and Variability

R. Hornstein
Twenty-Seven Centuries of Weather Forecasting
Spence Silver
Forecasting the Weather for D-Day
  From the Editor's Desk
Oscar Koren
A View from Space: A Satellite Sees Moisture
Morley Thomas
Canadian Weather Review: Spring 1984
  Professional and Business Directory
  ch0603 Summer 1984
    Ron F. Hopkinson The Prairie Drought of 1984
    Jay Anderson Duststorm!
    Henry G. Hengeveld
Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change 
    Michael Newark Canadian Weather Extremes 
    Billie L. Taylor
Acid Rain and Snow at Kejimkujik, Nova Scotia
    Hans VanLeeuwen From the Editor's Desk
    Oscar Koren
Satellite Sees Drought
    Morley K. Thomas
Canadian Weather Review: Summer 1984 
      News and Notes
      Professional and Business Directory
  ch0604 Fall 1984
    Fred Dobson
The Oceans and how they Affect our Climate

Piers Nas How Weather Conditions Affect Evaporation: Drying Laundry Outdoors in Northern Ontario
    Ed Guimond The Quebec-St. Malo Transat "Tag" Race Viewed from its Supporting Weather Centre in Bedford Nova Scotia
    M. Chahine and J. Susskind Global Surface Temperatures
    Philip Chadwick Art Appreciation - Physical Principles 
      News and Notes
    Oscar Koren Hurricane "Diana" of 1984
      Index to Volumes Five and Six 
      Guidelines for Contributors of Articles for Chinook
      Professional and Business Directory
Volume 7 ch0701 Winter / hiver 1984-1985  
    Philip Chadwick Art Appreciation Interpretation Guidelines
    Roger Leonard La survie des pommiers à l'hiver
      Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels

  Monique Loiselle Jeux olympiques de Los Angeles Une expérience unique pour deux météorologues canadiens
      From the Editor's Desk
    Morley Thomas A Year in the Climate History of Canada December 1983 - November 1984
      Professional and Business Directory
      Guidelines for Contributors of Articles for Chinook
  ch0702 Spring / printemps 1985 May / mai 1985  
      Answers to Arch Puzzle No. 19
    John Maybank Climate Change is Food for You
    Wei Yan The Meteorological Service in China

André Lachapelle Canadian Participation in the U.S. National Weather Service's Olympic Support Program
    Andy Radomski Canadian Weather Review: Winter of 1984-85
      Guidelines for Contributors of Articles for Chinook
  ch0703 Summer / été 1985  
    Ronald Stewart Canadian Atlantic Storms Program: The Meteorological Component
    Oscar Koren East Coast Weather Observed from Space
    Mike MacNeil Meteorology Goes Offshore
    Alain Caillet The Spring of 1985 - A Review
      News and Notes
      Présentation d'articles pour le Chinook à l'intention des auteurs
  ch0704 Fall / automne 1985  
    Cornelius Floor The Rainbow in the Elementary School
    Allen Pankratz Snow Rollers
    Alan Nursall Why is the Sky Blue? Discovering the Atmosphere at Science North
    Luigi Bertolone Labour Day Weekend Tornado at London, Ontario
    Amir Shabbar Summer of '85 - A Season of Extremes and Costly Impacts
      Index - Volume 7
Volume 8 ch0801 Winter / hiver 1985-1986  
    Hans VanLeeuwen From the Editor's Desk
    Mark Ransom May 31 Tornado
    Michael Newark Tornado Climatology
    Monique Gauthier L'Été des Indiens
    John Lazier Davis Strait in the Infrared
    Michael Newark Tornado Preparedness / Alerte en cas de tornades
    Michael Leduc, Ole Jacobsen and Barry Greer The "Black Friday" Tornado Outbreak in Ontario: A Forecaster's View of the Events of May 31, 1985
      Professional and Business Directory
  ch0802 Spring / printemps 1986  
      From the Editor's Desk
    John W. Loder The Tides of the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine: I. Why They are so Large
      Winter's Last Arctic Blast Weather Map Series, March 19 and 20, 1986
    Michael J. Newark The Fall and Highlights of 1985
      Satellite View of the Uppr Bay of Fundy at Low Tide
      News and Notes
    Richard Leduc Critique
      Professional and Business Directory
      Guidelines for Contributors of Articles to Chinook
  ch0803 Summer / été 1986  
    Philip Chadwick Keeping on Top of the Weather
    Michael J. Newark Fatalities Due to a Tornadic Waterspout
    William J. Blackburn, Andrew Bootsma and Terry J. Gillespie Weather and the Control of Plant Diseases
    Morley Thomas Professor Kingston's Scheme Founding the Meteorological Service
    Andy Radomski The Winter of 1985-86
    Richard Leduc Critique
      Présentation d'articles pour le Chinook à l'intention des auteurs
      Professional and Business Directory
  ch0804 Fall / Automne 1986
    Jerry E. Salloum Icebergs off Canada's East Coast
    Gordon A. McKay Don't Kick that Bucket
    Norman McLellan The Weather Report
    Alain Caillet Spring of 1986
      The School Notebook
      News and Notes / Ailleurs
      Index - Volume 8
      Professional and Business Directory
Volume 9 ch0901 Winter / hiver 1986-1987  
    Ross Hendry The Gulf Stream and the Climate Machine
    Philip Chadwick A Bird's-Eye View
    Hans VanLeeuwen Rain, Rain and More Rain! Weather Map Series, September 29 and 30, 1986
    David W. Phillips Defining Winter's Misery
    Jerry E. Salloum Questions Related to Iceberg Study
    Amir Shabbar Summer of '86 in Review
      Book Review
      Guidelines for Contributors of Articles to Chinook
  ch0902 Spring / printemps 1987  
      From the Editor's Desk
      Flavit et Dissipati Sunt - It Blew and They Were Scattered: The Spanish Armada Storms: A Weather Perspective of July to October 1588
    Peter Scholefield Fall of '86 - A Review
    Peter Scholefield Extraordinary Climatological Events - 1986
    Hans VanLeeuwen Fall Rains on the Prairies
    Denis Gosselin Book Review
      Présentation d'articles pour le Chinook à l'intention des auteurs
  ch0903 Summer / été 1987  
      From the Editor's Desk
    Barry Grace Chinooks
      Chinook Bibliography
    Hans VanLeeuwen Hot and Cool July Breezes Weather Map Series, July 8 to 14, 1987
      Answers to Iceberg Questions (Chinook Vol. 9 No. 1)
    Barry Grace Wind Erosion of Soils on the Canadian Prairies
      Climate Quiz
    Amir Shabbar Winter of 1986-87 in Review
  ch0904 Fall / Automne 1987  
    Kevin Hamilton The Dark Day of 1819
    Alain Caillet Spring of 1987 - A Review
    Frederick Sanders The North Atlantic "Bomb":  Storms That Are the Scourge of the Winter Ocean
    Barry Grace The Early History of Climate and Agriculture on the Canadian Prairies
    Hans VanLeeuwen Lake Effect on the Frigid Prairies
      Index - Volume 9
      Answers to Climate Quiz (Chinook Vol. 9 No. 3)
Volume 10 ch1001 Winter / hiver 1987-1988  
      From the Editor's Desk
    Roger B. Street Forest Fire Meteorology
    Garry Atchison Forecaster Tells Edmonton Tornado Story
    Al Wallace The Path of Destruction
      Tom Taylor, Tornado Hero
      Understanding CO2 and Climate
    Amir Shabbar Summer of '87 in Review
  ch1002 Spring / printemps 1988  
    Wayne F.J. Evans Science of the Ozone Layer
    Donald W. Gullett A Climatic Atlas for Canada
    Alain Caillet Fall of 1987 - A Review
    Hans VanLeeuwen Definitely Not Baseball Weather! Weather Map Series, April 17 and 18, 1988
  ch1003 Summer / été 1988  
      Book Review
    Jay Anderson Storm Flight
    Bill Pike Halo Phenomena Observed by A.Y. Jackson on St. Patrick's Day, 1920
    Amir Shabbar Winter of 1987-88 in Review
    Morley Thomas When Places Were Named for Weathermen
    Phil Cote Interpreting Satellite Imagery
  ch1004 Fall / Automne 1988  
      From the Editor's Desk
    Peter L. Jackson Surrealistic Clouds
    Alain Caillet Spring and Summer of 1988 in Review - Spring
    Aaron Gergye Spring and Summer of 1988 in Review - Summer
    David Wartman Weatherman's Stormy Seas
    Hans VanLeeuwen Prairie Storm - Arctic Blast! Weather Map Series, January 30 and 31, 1989
      Index - Volume 10
      Guidelines for Contributors of Articles for Chinook
      Présentation d'articles pour le Chinook à l'intention des auteurs
Volume 11 ch1101 Winter / hiver 1988-1989  
      From the Editor's Desk
    Michael J. Newark Tornado!
      A Pioneering Canadian Weatherman
    Peter Scholefield, Tim Guezen and Rick Radatz The 1988 Drought in Canada
    Hans VanLeeuwen Fluctuating Pressure Patterns Weather Map Series, April 6 and 7, 1989
    Aaron Gergye The Fall of 1988 in Review
  ch1102 Spring / printemps 1989  
      From the Editor's Desk
    Hans Martin The Law of the Atmosphere
    Aaron Gergye Winter 1988-89 in Review
    Thomas Nichols and Clifford Crozier Doppler Radar Looks for the Ill Winds
    Hans VanLeeuwen Arctic Easter Bunny Visits Atlantic Canada
  ch1103 Summer / été 1989  
      From the Editor's Desk
      The Changing Atmosphere
      In Conversation
      Safeguarding the Global Atmosphere
    The Honourable Gro Harlem Brundtland Prime Minister of Norway Our Common Future - A Climate for Change

Sister Aida Velasquez, OSB The Role of Citizens in Sustainable Development
    F. Kenneth Hare The Global Greenhouse Effect
    J.S. Maini Forests and Atmospheric Change
      CONFERENCE STATEMENT: Abridged version of the complete Conference Statement published on pages 292-304 of the Conference Proceedings of the World Conference on the Changing Atmosphere, WMO-No. 710, World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, 1989
  ch1104 Fall / Automne 1989  
      From the Editor's Desk
    Han-Ru Cho Letter from the CMOS President
    Anton Jopko WIND.BAS
    Bill Pike Sea Breezes and Anabatic Winds in the Mountains
    Hans VanLeeuwen Foggy, Cloudy and Drizzly Days Weather Map Series, April 5 and 6, 1989
    Morley Thomas One Hundred and Fifty Years Ago: Founding the Toronto Observatory
      Index - Volume 11


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