Advanced Course 4 - December 1943

Back row (l to r):  Jack Labelle, ?, Don N McMullen.
Middle row:  Charlie Goodbrand, John Henderson, J Doug Holland, ?, Gordon F Allison, Ole Johnson.
Front row:  Lloyd A Hillgartner, George Legg, John Dobson, * Frances Carson (Sutherland), * Joan Griffiths, Don S McGeary, G Bruce Brown.

Two ? are either WH Simons or DM Mitchell

Note: * Joan Griffiths and Frances Carson are believed to be the first Canadian lady meteorologists who spent time forecasting weather after the course.
Joan was posted to Western Air Command in Jericho Beach, Vancouver; and Frances was posted to the Moncton District Aviation Forecast Office.  Both worked shifts for a time.
Frances resigned and married Conn Sutherland about 1945.

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