Short Course 2 in Meteorology - 3 March to 14 June 1941

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 Top row (two people) (l to r):  John AD MacNeill, Jim Leaver (instructor).
Third row (seven people):  E Dwight Williams, Allin W Jackson, Jack Henry Meek, Allan H Mason, EA Johnston, AL Wright, EA Brickman.
Second row (seven people) :  GP Adamson, Larry A Cooke, George M Busche, Norm V Jefferson, W (Bill) C Thurber, William (Bill) Gutierrez, ?
Front row six people sitting):  Wilbur K Sly, Doug E Page, J Ewart Blanchard, Ron W Glen, Reid V Dexter, Merv R Fleming.

unidentified (one person) is probably either  F Goodwin or WT Wallace.

Short Course 2 in Meteorology - March to June 1941 (Photo 2)

Top row (l to r)(six people): George M Busche, J Ewart Blanchard, GP Adamson, Wilbur K Sly, Jack Henry Meek, EA Brickman.
Middle row (eight people): W (Bill) C Thurber, Ronald Glen, Larry A Cooke, WJ Wallace, Norm V Jefferson, F Goodwin, Allan H Mason, William (Bill) Gutierrez.
Front row: (seven people): AL Wright, E Dwight Williams, Reid V Dexter, Merv R Fleming, EA Johnston, Doug E Page, Allin W Jackson.

WJ Wallace not on original ID list, nor in photo IDs for photo 1, above

Note from signatures on back of Photo 2: Conn Sutherland left early in course

Signatures on back of Photo 2

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