Table Seven - Awards *

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CMOS Prizes and Awards

Patterson Medal Recipients

CMOS Fellows

Order of Canada Recipients


Andrew Thomson Receives PIPSC Gold Medal


25-Year Awards


25-Year Awards


Al Dow Accepts NORAD Award 

25-Year Awards

25-Year Awards


25-Year Awards


AES Headquarters Receives United Way Merit Award


Warren Godson Accepts IMO Prize

25-Year Award to Al Osborne

25-Year Awards

Ontario Volunteer Climate Observer Awards


25-Year Award to  Frank Cushing

25-Year Award to André Robert


25-Year Awards

25-Year Award to Mike Blake 


75 Years of Volunteer Climate Observations, Muenster SK


25-Year Awards

Merit Awards

Merit Award to Geoff Meek 


Merit Award to Bill Markham

Michael Connelly Wins Suggestion Award

John McBride Wins Blood Donation Award

Kamloops BC Weather Office Award for Services 


Long Service and 25-Year Awards

Dave Tidbury and Linden Tanner win Suggestion Awards 

Volunteer Climate Observer Day

Sea Cadet Award, Sudbury ON

Incentive Awards


25-Year Awards

Merit Awards

John Walmsley Wins Suggestion Award 

Morley Thomas Accepts Massey Medal

Achievement Awards

Office Cleanup Awards

Satellite Awards, Pacific Region

Yacht Races Awards

Merit Awards


"Double 25" 25-Year Awards (Feb)

35-Year Medal to Doug Tesch

25-Year Award to Ken Styles

25-Year Awards (Sept)

Merit and Achievement Awards

Dease Lake BC Wins Observing Award 

Zephyr Contributor of the Year

Gerard Châtaigneau Wins Suggestion Award

United Way Award, Montreal (CMC) 


Merit Awards 

Jim Bruce Achievement Award

Achievement Awards (1986 & 1987)

United Way Awards, Downsview

Walter Ballantyne Awarded Arctic Observing Plaque

Lazarus Akeeagok Receives Observing Award, Iqaluit, NU 


Ken Hare Awarded IMO Prize 

Special Awards to Changing Atmosphere Conference Secretariat

25-Year Awards

35-Year Awards 

Merit and Achievement Awards

Air Quality Branch All Seasons Awards

Volunteer Weather Watcher Accepts Ministerial Letter, Edmonton

 Leonard Szarko Wins
Suggestion Award

Réal Gagnon Awarded Plaque for Service as DOT Liaison Officer


Award to Sparwood BC Contract Station

Citations of Excellence

PS Merit Award

United Way Awards, Downsview

Morley Thomas Climate Awards

Dutch Balloonist Award to St. John's NL Weather Office

Long Service and Excellence Awards to Pacific Region Staff 


Public Service Awards


Achievement Awards, Central Region


Jim Bruce Accepts IMO Prize

Long Service Awards


Don Archibald Accepts the Order of Canada 

Deedee Davies Accepts Two Awards

Environment Canada Special Awards to MSC


35-year Award to Bill Burrows

David Phillips Order of Canada - Event, Downsview

Awards During National Public Service Week, Downsview, June

Long Service Awards

Awards at ADM Open House, 19 December

 Citation of Excellence  to Heather Aucoin


  Awards at ADM Open House, 18 December


 Awards at ADM Open House, 16 December

30-Year Service Award to Ralph Bigio

NWA Award to Warning Preparedness Team


15-Year Awards

25-Year Awards

Awards During National Public Service Week, Downsview, June

Awards at ADM Open House, 21 December


30-Year Service Award to John Botari


Public Service Awards of Excellence

Environment Canada Awards

IPCC Authors Win Nobel Peace Prize 


Environment Canada Awards to MSC


GTEC Awards

Gordon McBean Accepts the Order of Canada 


Public Service Awards of Excellence


Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals

Public Service Awards of Excellence

Atmospheric Science Librarians International  (ASLI)  - Book Award 


Ice Service Partners in UN Climate Award

Vitali Fioletov wins UNEP Ozone Award

Public Service Awards of Excellence


Gordon McBean Accepts IMO Prize 

Xiaolan Wang Receives PIPSC Gold Medal

Raymond Desjardins Accepts the Order of Canada


Environment and Climate Change Canada Special Awards to MSC

Raymond Desjardins Accepts the Order of Ontario

* Awards include Order or Canada, Public Service of Canada Awards or Medals, Long Service Awards (25-year or other), Citations and other Departmental or Meteorological Service of Canada Awards, and international awards (eg WMO).

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