Order of Canada Recipients / Membres de l'Ordre du Canada

  • Linked citations and photos are credited to the Governor General's Web Site listings of OC Awardees.
  • Date listed is date awarded, not invested.
  • If only one year is given, investiture happened in the same year as award was announced. 
  • Two dates mean investiture happend in a later year (bracketted). 
  • In cases where the year is recent, investiture has not happened and this is noted.
  • GG guidelines indicate OC awards are given to living recipients only. 
  • No asterisks have been added to indicate those who are deceased since their award, but the Citation information copied from and credited to the GG web site, can contain deceased status.

Atmospheric Scientists

Ocean Scientists

Ken Hare 1978 and 1987
Tim Parsons 2005 (2006)
Pat McTaggart-Cowan 1979
Louis Fortier 2006 (2007)
Rube Hornstein 1991
David Barber 2016 (2017)
Jim Bruce 1997
Eddy Carmack 2019 (not yet invested)
Lawrence Mysak 1997
Robie Macdonald 2019 (deceased before investiture)
Don Archibald 1998 Curtis Suttle 2021 (not yet invested)
David Phillips 2001
Verena Tunnicliffe 2021 (not yet invested)
Percy Saltzman 2002 (2003)

Tim Oke 2008 (2009)

Gordon McBean 2008 (2010)

Elizabeth Dowdeswell 2012

Ray Desjardins 2018 (2019)

David Grimes 2020 (not yet invested)

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