Presentation of Order of Canada to Raymond Desjardins - 14 March 2019

Raymond Desjardins and GG Julie Payette


Raymond L. Desjardins, C.M.
  • Ottawa, Ontario

  • Member of the Order of Canada

    • Awarded on: November 19, 2018
    • Invested on: March 14, 2019
Dr. Raymond Desjardins is one of Canada's foremost agrometeorologists. He is renowned internationally for pioneering the use of aircraft-based technology to measure photosynthesis and greenhouse gas emissions, which was key for quantifying the interactions between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. A resolute public servant with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for more than 50 years, he is a staunch advocate of reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions both in Canada and abroad, striving to preserve the environmental sustainability of our planet.

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