1967 – 1993

The Climatological Bulletin was initially published by the Department of Geography of McGill University, Montreal. In 1983, it became a publication of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. Publication stopped in 1993. The index includes only the scientific and other substantial articles. Le Climatological Bulletin était à l'origine publié par le Département de géographie de l'Université McGill, Montréal. Il passat aux mains de la Société canadienne de météorologie et d'océanographie en 1983. La publication cessat en 1993. L'index n'inclut que les articles scientifiques ou de nature substantielle.


Volume 1 No. 1 McGill 1 January 1967 janvier  
    010100 B.J. Garnier Foreward
    010101 B.J. Garnier Climatology at McGill University
    010102 P.D. Baird Mont St. Hilaire Climatological Records
    010103 Wayne R. Rouse A Preliminary Report on Topoclimatic Research at Mont St. Hilaire
    010104 Richard G. Wilson (a)
Atsumu Ohmura (b)
Notes on Radiation and Sunshine at Mont St. Hilaire
a) Comparative Solar Radiation Measurements
b) Correlation of Solar Radiation and Sunshine
  No. 2 McGill 2 July 1967 juillet  
    010201 R. Norman Drummond The Origin and Purpose of the McGill Sub-Arctic Research Laboratory
    010202 Bruce Findlay Climatological Records of the McGill Sub-Arctic Research Laboratory
    010203 editor Bibliography of Climatological Work Published in the McGill Sub-Arctic Research Papers
    010204 J.N. Pelletier Une note sur les informations météorologiques disponibles à Knob Lake
    010205 D.G. Tout An Analysis of the 1964 Solar Radiation Record at the Brace Experiment Station, St. James, Barbados
    010206 W. Bach A Chart for Calculating Long-wave Radiation
    010207 editor McGill University - Department of Geography Mont Ste, Hilaire Climate Station GENERAL CLIMATIC DATA
Volume 2 No. 1 McGill 3 January 1968 janvier  
    020100 B.J. Garnier Foreward
    020101 D.G. Tout The Climate of Barbados
    020102 B.J. Garnier Recent Developments in the McGill University Climatology Programme in Barbados
    020103 R.E. Randall Measurements of Aerial Salt on the Coast of Barbados
    020104 Tim R. Oke Some Results of a Pilot Study of the Urban Climate of Montréal
    020105 Atsumu Ohmura The Computation of Direct Insolation on a Slope
    020106 B.J. Garnier Research Report (on the Climatology Programme at McGill University)
  No. 2 McGill 4 July 1968 juillet  
    020201 Atsumu Ohmura and R.F. Fuggle An Experiment to Measure the Energy Balance Over Short Grass in an Orchard at Mont St. Hilaire
    020202 B.K. Basnayake Two Maps of Direct Short-wave Radiation in Barbados
    020203 R.F. Fuggle Preliminary Thoughts on Long-wave Radiation Flux Divergence and the Urban Heat Island
    020204 D.S.M. Munro Evaporation Measurements for Lac Hertel, Mont St. Hilaire
    020205 R.F. Fuggle A Note to Compare the Records from Three Rain Gauges Similarly Exposed at Mont St. Hilaire
    020206 B.J. Garnier Research Report (on Energy Budget Studies)
Volume 3 No. 1 McGill 5 January 1969 janvier Urban Climatology I
    030100 B.J. Garnier Foreward
    030101 T.R. Oke Toward a More Rational Understanding of the Urban Heat Island
    030102 1. Conrad East
2. O.J. Diduch and C.E. Klaponski
Two Studies in the Urban Climatology of Montreal
Pollution atmosphérique et île de chaleur
2. A
Preliminary analysis of Gusts over Montreal
    030103 editorial note RESEARCH in URBAN CLIMATOLOGY in CANADA
    030104 R.E. Munn Research in Urban Climatology in the atmospheric Research Section, Meteorological Service of Canada
    030105 Richmond W. Longley Research in Urban Pollution at the University of Alberta
    030106 William C. Bell Research in Urban Climatology at the University of Winnipeg
    030107 A. Hufty Programme de recherche sur la climatologie urbaine de la région de Québec
    030108 F.G. Hannel Research in Urban Climate at McMaster University
    030109 M.K.Thomas Canadian Urban Climate - a Brief Literature Survey
    030110 B.J. Garnier Research Report (on the fields of energy budget investigations and studies in urban climatology)
  No. 2 McGill 6 July 1969 juillet  
    030201 John A. Davies, Wayne R. Rouse and T.R. Oke Micrometeorological Investigations at Simcoe, Southern Ontario
    030202 Daniel Lafleur La distribution topographique du rayonnement solaire au Mont St. Hilaire pour la période estivale de 1968
    030203 B.J. Garnier Research Report (several topics)
Volume 4 No. 1 McGill 7 January 1970 janvier  
    040101 B.J. Garnier Some Thoughts on Evaluating the Distribution of Potential Evapotranspiration
    040102 R.F. Fuggle A Computer Programme for Determining Direct Short-wave Radiation income on Slopes
    040103 Atsumu Ohmura The Influence of the Sky-line on the Incidence of Short-wave Radiation
    040104 R.D. Peterson The Spatial Distribution of Solar Radiation in Southern-Québec: a Progress Report
    040105 B.J. Garnier Research Report (several topics)
  No. 2 McGill 8 July 1970 juillet  
    040201 B.K. Basnayake Some Problems in Large Scale Mapping of the Topographic Variation of Solar Radiation
    040202 B.K. Basnayake Comparison of the Field Performance of Three Types of Solar Radiation Measuring Instruments
    040203 P.D. Baird The Climate of Mont St. Hilaire - a Personal Impression
    040204 Kala Swami Importance of Daily and Synoptic Climatic Analyses in Ecological Studies: An Example from Nigeria
    040205 B.J. Garnier Research Note on a PRT-5 (Precision Radiation Thermometer)
Volume 5 No. 1 McGill 9 April 1971 avril  
    050100 B.J. Garnier Foreward
    050101 R.G. Wilson The Concept of Equilibrium Evapotranspiration
    050102 R.G. Wilson and J.H. McCaughey Soil Heat Flux Divergence in a Developing Corn Field
    050103 André Hufty Notes sur une méthode descriptive des types de temps
    050104 B.J. Garnier Research Report on Solar and Net Radiation for Mont St Hilaire
  No. 2 McGill 10 October 1971 octobre  
    050201 B.J. Garnier Procedures in Using a Light Aircraft for the Remote Sensing of Surface Radiative Temperatures
    050202 Daniel LaFleur Weather and Human Comfort in Montreal: an Example of Summer Conditions
    050203 Simon Kevan Psychology of Climate: A Brief Review of Some Subjective Views
    050204 B.J. Garnier Research Report on Joint McMaster - McGill Evapotranspiration Project
Volume 6 No. 1 McGill 11 April 1972 avril  
    060101 Morley K. Thomas Climatology in Environment Canada - 1972
    060102 R.G. Wilson and D.E. Petzold Daily Solar Radiation Differences Between Stations in Southern Canada: A Preliminary Analysis
    060103 B.J. Garnier Research Report on the Energy Budget and Microclimate of Barbados
  No. 2 McGill 12 October 1972 octobre  
    060201 G.R. McBoyle Factor Analytic Approach to a Climatic Classification of Europe
    060202 John A. Davies Surface Albedo and Emissivity for Lake Ontario
    060203 Marie Sanderson Climatology at the International Geographical Congress, Montreal, 1972
    060204 Pierre Pagney La Climatologie Française et le Congrès de Montréal
Volume 7 No. 1 McGill 13 April 1973 avril  
B.J. Garnier Foreward
    070101 John Fitzgibbon and T. Dunne Photographic Measurement of Vegetation Canopies for Use in the Computation of the Radiation Balance
    070102 A.G. Price, T. Dunne and J.A.V. Burns Energy Balance Computations of Snowmelt Runoff in the Sub-Arctic
    070103 Jeffrey S. Peake and H.J. Walker Snowmelt, Runoff, and Breakup in the Colville River Delta, 1971
070104 Sam I. Outcalt A Note on Degree Day Accumulation and Glacier Runoff Simulation
  No. 2 McGill 14 October 1973 octobre  
    070201 S. Fogarasi and M. Boakes Cloudiness and Global Radiation at the Head of Inugsuin Fjord, N.W.T., in the Summer of 1968
    070202 Sam I. Outcalt A Brief Introduction to Synoptic Climatology and Deterministic Modeling Strategy
    070203 W.J. Kyle An Economical Electroplating Bath and its Use in the Construction of Thermopiles
Volume 8 No. 1 McGill 15 April 1974 avril  
    080101 Michel Lecarpentier Développement d'un procédé numérique pour le calcul automatique des pentes et de leur insolation
    080102 G.R. McBoyle Public Response to Weather Terminology in the Kitchener-Waterloo Area
  No. 2 McGill 16 October 1974 octobre  
    080201 Marie Sanderson A Preliminary Radiation Climatology of Windsor, Ontario
    080202 P.G. Holland Plant Shape and Estimation of Standing Crop
    080203 W.J. Kyle Two Applications of "SYMAP" as an Aid to Interpretation of Spatially Disposed Data in Microclimatology
Volume 9 No. 1 McGill 17 April 1975 avril  
    090101 R.G. Wilson and B.J. Garnier Calculated and Measured Net Radiation for a Slope
    090102 J.O. Ayoade A Statistical Analysis of Rainfall in Samaru, Nigeria (1928-1971)
    090103 Simon M. Kevan A Brief Review of Findings and Theories Concerning Season of Birth
    090104 Morley K. Thomas Climatology in Environment Canada - 1975
  No. 2 McGill 18 October 1975 octobre  
    090201 D.E. Petzold and S. Kelley The Effect of Woodland and Elevation on Winds in the Shefferville Area
    090202 W.J. Kyle A Diode Psychrometer for Remote Measurement of Screen Dry- and Wet-Bulb Temperatures
    090203 D.E. Petzold and A.N. Rencz A Micro-Environmental Study of Albedo in the Eastern Sub-Arctic
    090204 Thomas Dunne and Antony G. Price Estimating Daily Net Radiation over a Snowpack
Volume 10 No. 1 McGill 19 April 1976 avril  
    100101 Simon M. Kevan Man's Behaviour: Its Relations to the Atmospheric Environment
    100102 B. Singh Wind Profile Estimates for a Hardwood Forest
    100103 J.E. Lewis, Jr., S.I. Outcalt and R.W. Pease Urban Surface Thermal Response Associated with Land Use
  No. 2 McGill 20 October 1976 octobre  
    100201 P.W. Suckling and J.E. Hay The Spatial Variability of Daily Values of Solar Radiation for British Columbia and Alberta, Canada
    100202 R.J. Hague and G.L. Werren The Influence of a Snowpack on the Amount of Solar Radiation Received by a Vertical, South-Facing Wall
    100203 Marie Sanderson A Climatologist in the Soviet Union
Volume 11 No. 1 McGill 21 April 1977 avril  
    110101 D.E. Petzold An Estimation Technique for Snow Surface Albedo
    110102 B. Singh The Effect of Rainfall Characteristics and Post-Wetting Synoptic Conditions on Evaporation Rates from a Wetted Hardwood Canopy
    110103 Atsumu Ohmura The Derivation of a Formula to Calculate Direct Short-Wave Radiation on Slopes
  No. 2 McGill 22 October 1977 octobre Urban Climatology II
    110200 B.J. Garnier Foreward
    110201 T.R. Oke Research in Urban Climatology at the University of British Columbia
    110202 John E. Lewis RESEARCH IN URBAN CLIMATE AT McGILL UNIVERSITY Surface Energy Exchange as a Function of Urban Terrain Characteristics
    110203 Lawrence C. Nkemdirim Research in Urban Climatology at University of Calgary
    110204 Keith D. Hage Research in Urban Climatology at the University of Alberta
    110205 Marie Sanderson Research in Urban Climatology, Department of Geography, University of Windsor
    110206 David E. Kemp Research in Urban Geography at Lakehead University
    110207 David B. Frost Research in Urban Climatology at Concordia University
    110208 N. Isyumov and A.G. Davenport Research in Urban Geography at the University of Western Ontario - Summary of the Ground Level Wind Environment in Built-Up Areas
    110209 G.A. McKay Canadian Urban Climates - Literature Survey Update
Volume 12 No. 1 McGill 23 April 1978 avril  
    120101 Hardy B. Granberg Some Effects of Multiple Reflections Between Ground and Sky
    120102 John E. Lewis and Bhawan Singh An Initial Investigation of Radiative Exchange around a Tree Trunk Surrounded By Snow
  No. 2 McGill 24 October 1978 octobre  
    120201 David Greenland Spatial Distribution of Radiation in the Colorado Front Range
    120202 L. Skretkowicz The Effect of Variable Cloud Input on Model Estimates of Global Solar Radiation
    120203 David B. Frost and Halyna Zowtonizka Temperature Variations Within a Four Storey Building
Volume 13 No. 1 McGill 25 April 1979 avril  
    130101 Philip W. Suckling and Mark E. Wolfe Empirical Methods for Estimating Incoming Long Wave Radiation for Cloudless Winter Days at Resolute, N.W.T.
    130102 Marie Sanderson and Rafique Ahmed Potential Evapotranspiration and Water Deficit in Bangladesh Using Garnier's Modification of the Thorntwaite Water Balance
    130103 B.J. Garnier Estimating the Water Resources of Tropical Regions from Climatic Data
  No. 2 McGill 26 October 1979 octobre  
    130201 John E. Lewis and Bohdan Hrebenyk Summer Acid Rain Events in the Schefferville, Quebec Area
    130202 John J. Drake Some Observations on the Constancy of α in the Equilibrium Model for Evapotranspiration
    130203 Simon M. Kevan Biometeorological Seasons: How should they be Defined
Volume 14 No. 1 McGill 27 April 1980 avril  
    140101 B. Hrebenyk and John E. Lewis Topographic Effects on Wintertime Surface Precipitation Patterns in the Greater Montreal Region
    140102 Peter Wilson Comments on a Possible Relationship Between Differential Radiation Balances and Rainfall Patterns in Barbados
    140103 B.J. Garnier Some Thoughts on the Climatology of Solar Energy Potential
  No. 2 McGill 28 October 1980 octobre  
    140201 J.H. McCaughey Net Radiation at Forêt Montmorency, Quebec
    140202 Simon Kevan Medical Biometeorology: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    140203 R.D. Brown and J.E. Lewis Calibration of Multi-Spectral Scanner Data for Urban Albedo Measurements Using Target Reflectance Panels: Some User Experiences
Volume 15 No. 1 McGill 29 April 1981 avril

Stanton E. Tuller Simulating the Effect of Urbanization on the Human Long Wave Radiation Environment

150102 Bahwan Singh Prédiction du gel dans le sol, Baie James Québec

150103 Stanton E. Tuller Climatology at the 24th International Geographical Congress
  No. 2 McGill 30 October 1981 octobre  

150201 D.G. Steyn, T.R. Oke, J.E. Hay, and J.L. Knox On Scales in Meteorology and Climatology

150202 Staff Members, Canadian Climate Program The Canadian Climate Program

150203 Mario Daoust, Jean-Claude Préfontaine, and Robert van Wyngarden Note on a Relationship Between Daily Hours of Bright Sunshine and Mean Daily Atmospheric Transmissivity
Volume 16 No. 1 McGill 31 April 1982 avril

160101 Marie Sanderson Climatology in Canada: Impressions Over Three Decades

160102 B.J. Garnier An Approach Towards Formulating Procedures for Developing Topoclimatic Indices

160103 Bhawan Singh Future Directions in Caribbean Climatological Research
  No. 2 McGill 32 October 1982 octobre

B.J. Garnier Foreward

160201 Stewart J. Cohen Climatology in Canada - a Look Forward

160202 Morley K. Thomas Canadian Climate Publications

160203 B.J. Garnier Articles Published in the Climatological Bulletin from 1967 to 1982
Volume 17 No. 1 CMOS 1
April 1983 avril Publication by CMOS / Publication par SCMO

170100 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward

170101 G.D.V. Williams and J.M. Masterton An Application of Principal Component Analysis and an Agroclimatic Resource Index to Ecological Land Classification for Alberta

170102 André Hufty and Marius Thériault Des erreurs systématiques dans les données Canadiennes de la durée d'ensoleillement? (Commentaires dans Vol. 18 no. 2)

Peter J. Lamb
Comments on "Climatology in Canada - A Look Forward"

No. 2 CMOS 2
October 1983 octobre

170200 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward

170201 Steve LaDochy and Clarence H. Annett A Damage-Based Climatology of Lightning in Manitoba

170202 Sherwood B. Idso Do Increases in Atmospheric CO2 have a Cooling Effect on Surface Air Temperature?
(Comments in 180104)
Volume 18 No. 1 CMOS 3
April 1984 avril

180100 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward

180101 D.W. Stewart Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Canadian Agriculture

180102 D. Murray Brown and William D. Wyllie Growing Season Dry Spells in Southern Ontario

180103 A. Bootsma A Simple Procedure Used to Estimate Selected Growing Degree-Day Summations in Spring and Autumn in the Atlantic Region

180104 Kevin Hamilton Comments on "Do Increases in Atmospheric CO2 have a Cooling Effect on Surface Air Temperature?

180105 Sherwood B. Idso "The Impetus for CO2-Induced Climatic Change" - A Reply to Comments of Dr. Kevin Hamilton
  No. 2 CMOS 4 October 1984 octobre  

180200 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward

180201 P.A. Taylor and R.J. Lee Simple Guidelines for Estimating Wind Speed Variations due to Small Scale Topographic Features

180202 Roger S. Pulwarty and Stewart J. Cohen Possible Effects of CO2-Induced Climate Change on the World Food System: a Review

180203 Earle Ripley Comments on « Des erreurs systématiques dans les données Canadiennes de la durée d'ensoleillement? »
Volume 19 No. 1 CMOS 5 April 1985 avril  
    190100 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward
    190101 Keith D. Hage Weather Extremes in Alberta: 1880 to 1960
    190102 Brad Schneller Weather and Climate Information Services - A Viewpoint
    190103 Martin Parry, Timothy R. Carter and Nicolaas T. Konijn Estimating Climate Impacts on Food Production in Climate-Sensitive Areas
    190104 Roger B. Street Workshop on Evapotranspiration, Irrigation and Plant Moisture Stress in Agriculture and Forestry

190105 Stewart J. Cohen Workshop on Climate Impact Assessment in the Great Lakes Basin: Research Strategies
  No. 2 CMOS 6 October 1985 octobre  
    190200 Stewart J. Cohen
    190201 Richard Leduc et Anne-Marie Lamothe Tendances à long terme de la visibilité dans l'axe Windsor/Sept-Îles
    190202 Joel Guiot Reconstruction of Seasonal Temperatures and Sea-Level Pressures in the Hudson Bay Area Back to 1700
Volume 20 No. 1 CMOS 7 February 1986 février  

200100 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward

200101 R.B. Street and E.C. Birch Synoptic Fire Climatology of the Lake Athabaska - Great Slave Lake Area, 1977-1982

200102 Christopher Essex Trace Gases and the Problem of False Invariants in Climate Models - a Comment

200103 Lawrence A. Mysak, Cornelius Groot and Kevin Hamilton A Study of Climate and Fisheries: Interannual Variability of the Northeast Pacific Ocean and its Influence on Homing Migration Routes of Sockeye Salmon

200104 Jack Royle The "Winter City Movement", A Thrust Towards Improving our Cold Climate Adaptations

No. 2 CMOS 8 June 1986 juin

Stewart J. Cohen Foreward

200201 David W. Phillips Marketing Climatology for Today's User

200202 G.A. McKay Rainfall and Earthwork

No. 3 CMOS 9 October 1986 octobre  

200300 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward

200301 Daniel Lagarec La régionalisation des climats thermiques du sud du Yukon

200302 D.G. Steyn and D.A. Faulkner The Climatology of Sea-Breezes in the Lower Fraser Valley, B.C.

200303 André Hufty Fluctuations thermiques et héliométriques hivernales au Québec
Volume 21 No. 1 CMOS 10 February 1987 février  
    210100 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward
    210101 Stanton E. Tuller The Spatial Distribution of Heavy Precipitation in the Greater Victoria Region
    210102 M.D. Flannigan and J.B. Harrington Synoptic Weather Conditions During the Porter Lake Experimental Fire Project
    210103 M.J. Newark, M. Leduc, L. Legal, F. Letchford, S. Siok, A. Wallace, and D. Waugh Summary and Highlights of the 1984 Severe Local Storm Season
  No. 2 CMOS 11 June 1987 juin  
    210200 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward
    210201 Elaine E. Wheaton and Aninda K. Chakravarti Some Temporal, Spatial, and Climatological aspects of Dust Storms in Saskatchewan
    210202 D.G. Wright, R.M. Hendry, J.W. Loder and F.W. Dobson Oceanic Changes Associated With Global Increases in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: a Preliminary Report for the Atlantic Coast of Canada
  No. 3 CMOS 12 October 1987 octobre  
    210300 Stewart J. Cohen Foreward
    210301 W.A. Gough and C.A. Lin Distribution of Blocks in Data From the Canadian Climate Centre General Circulation Model
    210302 Martin D. Mitchell and Philip W. Suckling Winter Fog and Air Transportation Impacts in Sacramento, California
    210303 Earle A. Ripley Plotting Climate Diagrams with a Microcomputer
    210304 D.A. Wilhite and W.E. Easterling Improving Drought Policy: A Plan of Action
    210305 M.J. Newark, M. Leduc, F. Letchford, G. Machnee, S.Siok, and D. Waugh Summary and Highlights of the 1985 Severe Local Storms Season
Volume 22 No. 1 CMOS 13 February 1988 février  
     220100 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     220101 P.J. Lewis, M.D.Moran, V.R. Swail and T.A. Agnew Severe Storms Over Canada's Ocean Waters: 1957-1983
     220102 P.J. Robinson The Use of Seasonal Wind Forecasts in Airline Schedule Development
     220103 J.A. Dyer, B.E. Kelbe and J.M. De Jager Lysimetric Calibration of a Canadian Soil Moisture Budget Model Under Bare Soil in Southern Africa
     220104 J.D. Meisner Assessing Impacts of Climatic Warming on Freshwater Fishes in North America
  No. 2 CMOS 14 August 1988 aôut  
     220200 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     220201 B.F. Findlay and L. Spicer Impact of Climatic Warming on Residential Consumption of Natural Gas in Canada
     220202 Philip W. Suckling and Mary B. Kimsey Seasonal Snowfall Totals in Northern New England: Recent Trends and Variability
     220203 Olajire J. Olaniran The July-August Rainfall Anomaly in Nigeria

 220204 Bryan Smith Climatology Goes to Court
  No. 3 CMOS 15 December 1988 décembre  
     220300 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     220301 Andrew J. Weaver Statistical Relationships Between Northeast Pacific Atmospheric Surface Pressure and the Sea Surface Temperature along the British Columbia Coast
     220302 Neil E. Sargent Redistribution of the Canadian Boreal forest Under a Warming Climate
     220303 Thomas W. Schmidlin The Longest Sub-Freezing Period in Newfoundland Winters
Volume 23 No. 1 CMOS 16 April 1989 avril  
     230100 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     230101 J.L. Walmsley, P.A. Taylor and J.R. Salmon Simple Guidelines for Estimating Wind Speed Variations due to Small-Scale Topographic Features - An Update
     230102 Michael J. Newark Understanding the Severe Local Storm Hazard in Canada: Where Do We Go From Here?
     230103 Bhawan Singh Prospectives d'un changement climatique dû à un doublement de CO2 atmosphérique pour la distribution forestière du Québec-Labrador
  No. 2 CMOS 17 August 1989 aôut  
     230200 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     230201 A. Bootsma and D.M. Brown Spring and Autumn Freeze Risk in Ontario
     230202 E.P. Lozowski, R.B. Charlton, C.D. Nguyen and K. Szilder Some Aspects of the Interannual Variability and Persistence of Global Atmospheric and Oceanic Surface Temperatures
     230203 Mark Zalcik and Todd Lohvinenko The Incidence of Noctilucent Clouds Over Western Canada in 1988
     230204 Richard Bello and Arlene Arama Rainfall Interception by Lichen Canopies
  No. 3 CMOS 18 December 1989 décembre  
     230300 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     230301 R.L. Raddatz An Operational Agrometeorological Information System for the Canadian Prairies
     230302 G.S. Strong Limex-85: 1. Processing of Data Sets from an Alberta Mesoscale Upper-Air Experiment
     230303 J.A. Dyer PROXDAYS - An Algorithm for Generating Realistic Normal Sequences of Daily Rainfall from Monthly Climatic Normals
Volume 24 No. 1 CMOS 19 April 1990 avril  
     240100 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     240101 B. Grace and S.M. McGinn Automated Data Collection and Management System for Climatic Data at an Agricultural Research Institution
     240102 S. Panturat and A. Eddy Some Impacts on Rice Yield from Changes in the Variance of Precipitation
     240103 R.B. Crowe Reconstruction of Toronto Temperatures 1778-1840
     240104 M.J. Newark, L. Coldwells, M. Leduc, G. Machnee, T. Noga, B. Paruk, S. Siok and D. Waugh Summary and Highlights of the 1986 Severe Local Storm Season
  No. 2 CMOS 20 August 1990 aôut  
     240200 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     240201 B. Grace Some Observations on the Effect of Chinooks on Field Microclimates and Soil Moisture Status in Southern Alberta
     240202 John D. Jacobs Integration of Automated Station Data into Objective Mapping of Temperatures for an Arctic Region
     240203 Peter T. Soulé Temporal Relationships Among Multiple Drought Types During an Average Drought
     240204 A.K. Chakravarti Geographical Patterns of Nocturnal Precipitation on the Canadian Prairies During the Growing Season
  No. 3 CMOS 21 December 1990 décembre  
     240300 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     240301 Jean Andrey and Richard Olley Relationships Between Weather and Road Safety: Past and Future Research Directions
     240302 Jacinthe Lacroix et Daniel J. Boivin Étude du phénomène des vagues de froid au Québec en tant que catastrophe naturelle
     240303 Stanton E. Tuller Precipitation Trends at Victoria, British Columbia
     240304 W.F. Rannie Change in Frost Season Characteristics in Winnipeg, 1872-1988
Volume 25 No. 1 CMOS 22 April 1991 avril  
     250100 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     250101 Colin E. Banfield The Frequency and Surface Characteristics of Sea-Breezes at St. John's, Newfoundland
     250102 D.A. Etkin Break-Up in Hudson Bay: Its Sensitivity to air Temperatures and Implications for Climate Warming
     250103 Gérald Renaud et Bhawan Singh Estimation des flux de chaleurs latente et sensible à partir de l'énergie radiante pour certaines surfaces : Nouveau-Québec
     250104 M.L. Raddatz and J.M. Hanesiak Climatology of Tornado Days 1960-1989 for Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  No. 2 CMOS 23 August 1991 aôut  
     250200 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     250201 John L. Knox An Assessment of the 27-year Record of Measured Precipitation at Ocean Weather Station "P" in the Northeast Pacific Ocean
     250202 L.A. Mysak and S.B. Power Greenland Sea Ice and Salinity Anomalies and Interdecadal Climate Variability
     250203 Jacinthe Lacroix et Daniel J. Boivin Étude du phénomène des vents violents au Québec en tant que catastrophe naturelle
     250204 J.A. Dyer The Sensitivity of Soil Moisture Reserves to Changes in Precipitation Amount and Frequency
     250205 R.L. Raddatz, J. Maybank and G.B. Atkinson Mean Daily Temperature Normals from 1901-30 to 1961-90 on the Eastern Canadian Prairies
     250206 Alec H. Paul A Comment on Hailswath Lengths
  No. 3 CMOS 24 December 1991 décembre  
     250300 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     250301 John Bursey and Roderick Shaw The Representativeness of Precipitation Measurements on Canadian East Coast Drilling Platforms
     250302 R.A. Stuart and A.S. Judge On the applicability of GCM Estimates to Scenarios of Global Warming in the Mackenzie Valley area (Comments in Vol 26 No1 and Reply in Vol 26 No 3)
     250303 Jacinthe Lacroix et Daniel J. Boivin Vents violents au Québec: Une évaluation en termes de menace aux populations et à leurs biens
     250304 David Etkin Winter and Summer Surface air Temperature Trends in the Northern Hemisphere: 1950 to 1988
Volume 26 No. 1 CMOS 25 April 1992 avril  
     260100 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     260101 H.N. Hayhoe, D.R. Coote and R.G. Pelletier Soil Erodibility and the Frequency of Freeze-Thaw Cycles, Rainfall and Snowmelt on Frozen Soil in Canada
     260102 Philippe Rochette et Pierre-André Dubé Étude du bilan hydrique des sols au Québec méridional
     260103 Aaron Gergye Climatic Highlights of 1991 in Canada
     260104 Stuart J. Cohen Comments on GCMs and the Mackenzie Valley
     260105 David Etkin Comments on On the Applicability of GCM Estimates to Scenarios of Global Warming in the Mackenzie Valley Area
  No. 2 CMOS 26 August 1992 aôut  
     260200 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     260201 G.H.B. Ash, C.F. Shaykewich and R.L. Raddatz Moisture Risk Assessment for Spring Wheat on the Eastern Prairies: a Water-Use Simulation Model
     260202 Alain A. Viau and Constance M. Mitic Potential Impacts of CO2-Induced Climate Change Using the GISS, GFDL and CCC Scenarios on Corn Fields in the Essex County Region of Ontario
     260203 Alain Viau, Jean Boivin et Bahwan Singh Étude comparative d'approches utilisées pour l'estimation de l'évapotranspiration en régions tropicales
     260204 Donald Gullet, Walter Skinner and Lucie Vincent Development of an Historical Canadian Database for Temperature and Other Climatic Elements
  No. 3 CMOS 27 December 1992 décembre  
     260300 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     260301 Tien Sribimawati, D.M. Brown and W.D. Hogg Rainfall Distribution During Extended Periods in Mid-Summer in Southwestern Ontario
     260302 Lawrence A. Mysak and Scott B. Power Sea-Ice Anomalies in the Western Arctic and the Greenland-Iceland Sea and their Relation to the Interdecadal Climate Cycle
     260303 Steve LaDochy Climatic Variability and Air Quality in the Great Plains of North America
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     260305 R.A. Stuart and A.S. Judge Reply to Comments on On the Applicability of GCM Estimates to Scenarios of Global Warming in the Mackenzie Valley Area
Volume 27 No. 1 CMOS 28 April 1993 avril  
     270100 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     270101 G.H.B. Ash, C.F. Shaykewich and R.L. Raddatz The Biologically Important Thermal Character of the Eastern Prairie Climate
     270102 Malcolm Geast and Andrej Saulesleja Weather and Climate Impacts in 1992 in Canada
  No. 2 CMOS 29 August 1993 aôut  
     270200 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     270201 James R. Angel, William E. Easterling and Scott W. Kirsch Toward Defining Appropriate Averaging Periods for Climate Normals
     270202 Philippe Rochette et Pierre-André Dubé Zonage du risque agroclimatologique durant la saison froide au Québec méridional: I - Froid hivernal
     270203 W.R. Skinner and D.W. Gullett Trends of Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperature in Canada During the Past Century
  No. 3 CMOS 30 December 1993 décembre  
     270300 Alec H. Paul Foreward
     270301 Maria C. Piccolo and Mohammed I. El-Sabh Cyclone Climatology of Southeastern Canada
     270302 Philippe Rochette et Pierre-André Dubé Zonage du risque agroclimatologique durant la saison froide au Québec méridional: II - Endurcissement, déchaussement et prise des racines dans la glace
     270303 N.J. Bello Hydrometeorological Zoning of the Savanna Belt of Nigeria for the Growth of Maize (Zea Mays)
     270304 M.R. Morgan, K.F. Drinkwater and R. Pocklington Temperature Trends at Coastal Stations in Eastern Canada
     270305 Sean T. Doherty, Jean C. Andrey and Jeffrey C. Marquis Driver Adjustments to Wet Weather Hazards
     270306 Mark Zalcik Western Canada Noctilucent Cloud Incidence Map
     270307 Alexander H. Paul and Dan E. Blair The Thunderstorms of 8 July 1989 in the Northern Great Plains

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