Historical Oceanographic Photos - How to Contribute Your Photos

Send in Your Photos

We want to include your photos in the collection.  If you have a group photo which you think might fit into the collection, please scan it at high resolution and send it by email to: jonesb@ncf.ca


High resolution normally means about 1 MB for black and white photos; 2 MB for colour photos.  These resolutions are normally the size of a medium resolution digital photo.  The high resolution is helpful if the photo has to be cropped and will produce a clearer copy for the web.

Snail Mail

If scanning is not an option, borrowing and returning by snail mail is possible.  Please phone me (Bob Jones at 613-820-6336) or email to make the arrangements.


If you have a large number of photos, file transfer (FTP) can be used instead of sending emails with attachments.  FTP is much faster than email.  Again, please get in touch to set that up.

Photo Quality Upgrades

Finally, if you have a copy of a blurry photo which we already have posted, we would love to improve the quality for posting and would appreciate a copy.

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