IMO Commission for Instruments and Meteorological Observations, Toronto - 1947

Top Row: J. Kaplan (USA), M. T. Antunes (Portugal), P. Queney (Algeria/France), C. Harmantas (USA), Don Perrie (Canada), Mohammad Shabbar (Pakistan/India), Murray Monsinger (Canada), L. Starbuck (Hong Kong), Fred Turnbull (Canada), James R Fowler Canada).
Third Row: R. C. Jacobsen (Canada), J. Keranen (Finland), C. del Rosario (Phillipines), M. A. F. Barnett (New Zealand), M. F. Taha (Egypt), V. V. Sohoni (India), S. D. Sablove (USA).
Second Row: Don Archibald (Canada), F. Sousa (Brazil), S. Kurtbalas (Turkey), D. Larraga (Mexico), Feige (Palestine), F. S. Scrase (UK), V. Vaisala (Finland), S. K. Banerji (India), A. Perlat (France).
Front Row: J. Lugeon (Switzerland), B. C. Haynes (USA), Kaara Langlo (Norway), C. F. Brooks (USA), Anders Angstrom (Sweden), John Patterson (Canada), Th. Hesselberg (Norway), Knowles Middleton (Canada), M. Papillon (France).

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