International Meteorological Organization (IMO) Meetings Toronto, Canada - August 1947

Photo below was salvaged from MSC archives.  It appeared in a Toronto newspaper at the time of this meeting

Commission Name

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Names of Canadians in Photos

Commission for Climatology

A J Connor
Regional Association for the Americas
Gib Henry, Andrew Thomson, John Patterson
Commission for Aerology
Hugh Bindon, Rube Hornstein, Wendell Hewson, John A D MacNeill, Pat D McTaggart-Cowan, Harvey Halbert, Warren Godson, Clarence Penner
Commission for Bibliography

Clarence Cross, Des Kennedy, Miss Mary Skinner
Commission for Hydrology

Graham Millar
Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology
Pat D McTaggart-Cowan, D Mel Robertson, Keith McLeod, Hugh Bindon, Don Cameron, Tom How, Ed Barks, Dean Smith


Commission for Instruments and Meteorological Observations

Don Perrie, Murray Monsinger, Fred Turnbull, Jim Fowler, R C Jacobsen, Don Archibald, John Patterson, Knowles Middleton
Commission for Synoptic Codes and Weather Information

Harry Tucker, George Legg, Fred (Bud) R Mahaffy, Don Perrie, Pat D McTaggart-Cowan
Commission for Maritime Meteorology

Bob Graham, Graham Millar
delegate photo 1
FW Reichhelderfer (USA) and Pat D McTaggart-Cowan
delegate photo 2
Mrs. T Gudmundsson (Iceland) and Pat D McTaggart-Cowan
delegate photo 3
Miss CD Coleman (Secretary), John Patterson, J Keranen (Finland), Andrew Thomson

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