Policy, Planning & Assessment and ADM's Offices - 1992

La Salle Academy, Ottawa

(photos were taken on the occasion of Dorothy Neale's retirement - see also photos from Dorothy's Retirement party at this link)

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Top row (l to r):  Juliana Ajaka, Janet Bax, Normand Beaudoin, Yvon Bernier, Claire Boucher, Andy Bowkott.
Middle row:  Ross Brown, Ginette Carpentier, Thierry Chen, Jean-Guy Coté, Rob Cross.
Bottom row:  Jean Deschênes, Sid Embree, Pat Finlay, Larry Funnell, Eleanor Hills.

Photo 2 H-Y

Top row (l to r):  Chantal Hunter, Chris Hogan, Bob Jones, Richard Kinley, Sue Lavoie, Thérèse Martine.
Middle row:  Alex Manson, Jim Ostrander, David Pollock, Doug Russell, John Stone.
Bottom row:  Suzanne Sylvestre, Sylvie Sylvestre, John Reid, Kelly White, Catherine Young.

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