Policy, Planning & Assessment and ADM's Offices - 1992

* La Salle Academy, Ottawa

* La Salle Academy was the site of several AES Offices in the early 1990s.  Use this link for more photos and Zephyr 1990 story

(photos were taken on the occasion of Dorothy Neale's retirement - see also photos from Dorothy's Retirement party at this link)

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Top row (l to r):  Juliana Ajaka, Janet Bax, Normand Beaudoin, Yvon Bernier, Claire Boucher, Andy Bowkott.
Middle row:  Ross Brown, Ginette Carpentier, Thierry Chen, Jean-Guy Coté, Rob Cross.
Bottom row:  Jean Deschênes, Sid Embree, Pat Finlay, Larry Funnell, Eleanor Hills.

Photo 2 H-Y

Top row (l to r):  Chantal Hunter, Chris Hogan, Bob Jones, Richard Kinley, Sue Lavoie, Thérèse Martine.
Middle row:  Alex Manson, Jim Ostrander, David Pollock, Doug Russell, John Stone.
Bottom row:  Suzanne Sylvestre, Sylvie Sylvestre, John Reid, Kelly White, Catherine Young.

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