Dorothy Neale's Retirement - Ottawa, 1992

To mark the occasion, many photographers took individual photos of her office staff. These are found
under the Office Photos Table (T8) at this link.

Later, a party was held for Dorothy at Janet Bax's residence.  Chantal Hunter took many great photos.

Please scroll down (all names - left to right).

Dorothy (#3 from left) with her (Toronto Friends all unknown)

Elizabeth Galazka, Ginette Carpentier, Chantal Hunter, Dorothy Neale, Susan Falla

?, Robert (Bob) Shaw, Dorothy Neale, ?

Jean Deschênes, Catherine Young, Kelly White

Dorothy Neale

Alex Manson

Dorothy Neale, ?

Janet Bax, Dorothy Neale, Robert (Bob) Shaw

Dorothy Neale, Art Collin

Dorothy Neale, Elizabeth Dowdeswell

Bob Jones, Joan Jones

Mary Regan, Bob Jones, Debbie MacDonald-McGee

Archie Gates, John Reid, Juliana Ajaka

background: Mike Hawkes, Susan Falla, ?
foreground: Dorothy Neale, Elizabeth Dowdeswell (facing away from camera), ?

Dorothy Neale, Chantal Hunter (presenting)

Pierre Martel, Richard Kinley

Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Chris Hogan

Dorothy Neale, ?, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, ?

l to r all: Bob Jones, Jim Ostrander (partly hidden), Eleanor Hills, Phil Aber, Ginette Carpentier, Alex Manson, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Pierre Martel, Larry Funnell.

  standing:  Eleanor Hills, Alex Manson (partly hidden), Pierre Martel, Larry Funnell, Ginette Carpentier, Richard Kinley, Jean Deschênes, Elizabeth Galazka (hidden in doorway). sitting: Leslie Buchanan-Jones,Thierry Chen, Normand Beaudoin (or Dave Pollock).

?, ?, Larry Funnell

Phil Aber, Archie Gates, Simone Gates

? (side view), Janet Bax

Catherine Young, Dave Pollock (or Normand Beaudoin)

Elizabeth Dowdeswell, John Mills

?, John Reid, John Stone, Bruce Attfield (side), Jean-Guy Coté (side)

Chantal Hunter, Phil Aber

Chris Hogan, Kelly White (side view)

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