AES 35-Year Presentations, Downsview, 26 January 1988

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left to right:  Pete Chirka, Bill Johnson, Howard Ferguson (ADM, presenting), Cliff Crozier, Bill McNaughton, Jim Davis.

35-years of service - Presentation to Jim McCulloch - 26 May 1988

Jim McCulloch (35 years of service) & Howard Ferguson (presenter)

25-years of Service, Ian Rutherford and 35-years of service, Jim McCulloch - 26 May 1988

l to r:  Ian Rutherford (25 years of service), Howard Ferguson (presenter), Jim McCulloch (35 years of service).

Note:  Above was published in May / June 1988 Issue of Zephyr.  This was part of a larger award ceremony on 26 May 1988, so Ian Rutherford's award will also appear under the 25-year long service awards for 1988.

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