AES 25-Year Long Service Awards

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Ian Rutherford, Downsview ON, 26 May 1988

l to r:  Ian Rutherford (25 years of service), Howard Ferguson (presenter), Jim McCulloch (35 years of service).
Note:  Above was published in May / June 1988 Issue of Zephyr.  This was part of a larger award ceremony so Jim McCulloch's award will also appear under the 35-year service awards for 1988.

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Ian Hamilton, Trenton ON, December 1988 *

Ian Hamilton on right; presenter Col CG Diamond, RCAF on left

* Note:  Above was published in February / March 1989 Issue of Zephyr.

Citation read: Ian Hamilton, shift supervisor, Canadian Forces Forecast Centre, Trenton, receives a 25-year Public Service Award from Col. C.G. Diamond, base commander, during a recent ceremony.

Audrey Scott, Vancouver BC - Spring 1988

Audrey Scott, Pay and Benefits Clerk, Pacific Region, receives a 25-year Long Service plaque from Howard Ferguson.

Gérard Langevin, Edmonton AB - Spring 1988

l to r:  ?, Brian O'Donnell, ?, Gérard Langevin, Geneviève Sainte-Marie (DM of Environment Canada) presenter.

Notes:  Photo and text were published in February / March 1989 Issue of Zephyr.  A little earlier this year, the deputy minister took the occasion to present a 25-year Service Award in AES Western Region. In this picture Dr. Sainte-Marie is seen congratulating Alberta Weather Services supervisor Gérard Langevin (centre) on his long and effective service in the Region which included early postings all over Western and Northern Canada. He joined the Alberta Weather Centre in 1980.
Looking on is Brian O'Donnell, Regional Director, AES Western Region.

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