Basic Meteorological Technician Course 3 (TM 65-3) - * September to December 1965

* It has been confirmed that two concurrent courses were held in the fall of 1965, the other one being Course 2.  Course 3 graduated about a week later than Course 2.

Back row (l to r):  Denis Fournier, Lorne Wilbur, Jim MacLean, Peter Van Santen, Gerry Elliot, Bill Spearn, Don Simard, Mervin Millar, Francis Perry.
Middle row:  Robert Sharples, Ron Fordyce, Ray Heartz, Bob Grant, Malcolm Harris, Lorne Goulden, Bill Cowan, Bill MacDonald, James Derham-Reid, Doug Kerton.
Front row:  Gerald Stuart, Steve Stokes, Augustine Piva, David Campbell, "Little Joe" Daniel (Instructor), Chuck Folks, Marvin Makal, Rod Morrison.

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