Basic Meteorological Technician Course 2 (TM 65-2) - * September to December 1965

* It has been confirmed that two concurrent courses were held in the fall of 1965, the other one being Basic Met Course 3.  Basic Met Course 2 graduated about a week earlier than Basic Met Course 3.

Basic Met Course 2 was very large and was photographed in two sections (please scroll down).

Section 1

Top row (l to r):  ?, Michel Mondou, ?, ?, ?, Orest Werenko, Dave Zaluski, Dave Turchanski.
Third row:  Brian FV Poersch, Bill Palmer, Bob Tortorelli, ?, Ray Walker, Pierre McDuff, Gary Teeter, Larry Pimm, John Schneider.
Second row (sitting):  Bill Palander, ?, Bill Thompson, Linda Plaskett (McCallum), Gil Roberts (Instructor), Nicole Vigeant, Ernie Newfeld, RG Morin, Franz Wilfling.
Front row (sitting):  ?, Al Mistal, ?, ?, Vince Odle, ?.

Section 2

3rd and 4th rows (12 people) (l to r):  Glen Gunther, ?, Tom Fudakowski, ?, Hank Hayman, Johnny Lade, Raymond Gauthier, ?, Alex Jason, Tom Fudakoski, Dave Mason, ?.
2nd row:  ?, ?, ?, ?, Ron May, _ Coyne, Pierre Marchi, Ron Carman.
Front row:  ?, Ron Melick, Alan Grey, Robert Evans, Al Ring, Harold Hosein, ?, Brian Kahler.

Graduation Certificate for this Course

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