Canadian Climate Centre (CCC) Opening, Downsview - Summer 1978


1. This is a large collage of 25 photos.  Please scroll down.
2. Many IDs were transferred from annotations on the back of some photos.
3.  Actual date and photos credit for this are still to be discovered.
4.  Unusually, nothing substantial was reported in Zephyr

(1) Work station in new CCC

(2) Barney Boville, new CCC Director

( 3) Stan Woronko

(4) Bill Baker, Wolfgang Baier, Art Collin (ADM AES)

(5) l to r (front):  Art Collin, Ced Mann (DFO), Ken Hare (U of Toronto).
back:  Hugh Bindon, ? (partly hidden), ? (partly hidden).

(6) l to r (front row):  Art Collin, Ced Mann, Ken Hare, Jim Bruce, Stan Woronko (standing).
back:  Hugh Bindon, ?, ? (partly hidden), ?.

(7) l to r (eleven):  Barney Boville, Gordon McKay, Rod Paterson (DFO), Dick Stoddart (DFO), Robert (Bob) W Stewart, Peter Scholefield, ?, ?, ?, Wolfgang Baier, Stan Woronko.

(8) l to r (all):  ?, Rod Paterson, Dick Stoddart,?,?,?, Bill Baker, Wolfgang Baier.

(9) l to r:  Gordon McKay (left front), Jan Terasmae (right front), Les Tibbles (side view, back right), and possibly back centre views of Don Smith and Fred Page

(10) l to r (front four only):  Art Collin, ?, Wolfgang Baier, Jim Bruce.

(11) Robert (Bob) W Stewart & Art Collin

(12) Peter Scholefield & Nellie Rochacewich (side)

(13) Wolfgang Baier (side) & Ken Hare

(14) l to r:  Rick Lawford (side), Mike Kwizak, Warren Godson, Rudy A Treidl.

(15) H Leonard Steinberg

(16) l to r (front three faces only): ?, Barney Boville, Larry T Campbell.

(17) Tom Nichols & Garry M Toth

(18) Mike Webb (side view) and, cutting cake, Jacquie Blackburn

(19) Jacquie Blackburn

(20) Lou Ann Tozer

(21) front:  Paul Louie (looking down), & Velma MacDonald

(22) l to r:  Ken O'Leary, Lois Bradley, Dan W Buss.

(23) Lois Bradley, ? (back left), Billie Webber (later Taylor), ? (drinking beer). (24) Andrej Saulesleja. (25) ?. (looking down foreground), ? (lady, centre), ? (top right, face partly hidden).

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