2018 Prizewinners / Lauréats des prix 2018

*Awards presented at the 53rd CMOS Congress,Montreal QC, 11 July 2019

* CMOS Prizes are normally for achievements in the calendar year prior to the congress year and are designated as awards for that previous year. 

CMOS Scholarships and Scholarship Supplements are awarded for the academic year following the congress. 

CMOS Fellows are members so designated at the time of the award and henceforth entitled to call themselves Fellows of the Society as long as membership is maintained.

If award recipients or designates were present, linked names will lead to a photo of their award presentation.

Part One - CMOS Prizes and Awards

  New Fellows / Nouveaux Membres émérites

Richard Boudreault

For his outstanding research, administration and entrepreneurship with respect to Arctic issues, including technology development for northern climate impacts, and science outreach to provide low-carbon energy to northerners.

pour ses travaux de recherche, sa gestion et son esprit d'entreprise exceptionnels en matière d'enjeux touchant l'Arctique, notamment pour le développement de technologies destinées à atténuer les effets du climat dans le Nord et pour ses activités de sensibilisation scientifique visant à fournir aux habitants du Nord une énergie faible en carbone.

Hai Lin

For his ground-breaking atmospheric research, his leadership role in the development of sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasting systems within Environment Canada, and for major contributions to CMOS scientific activities.

pour ses recherches avant-gardistes sur l'atmosphère, son leadership en matière d'élaboration de systèmes de prévisions sous-saisonnières et saisonnières au sein d'Environnement Canada, et pour sa contribution importante aux activités scientifiques de la SCMO.

Harinder Ahluwalia

    for his dedication to and leadership of environmental science in the private sector with links to academia and government and for raising the profile of CMOS nationally and internationally by reviving and passionately leading the International Forum of Meteorological Societies.

     pour son dévouement et son leadership dans le domaine des sciences de l'environnement dans le secteur privé, de concert avec les milieux universitaire et gouvernemental, et pour avoir rehaussé la visibilité de la SCMO au Canada et à l'étranger, en ranimant et en dirigeant avec passion l'International Forum of Meteorological Societies.

New Honourary Fellow / Membre Honoraire

Michael Newark

for his vision, dedication, and research into the nature of tornados and severe weather in Canada and for informing the public and meteorological community through publications and public speaking.

  pour sa vision, son dévouement et ses recherches sur la nature des tornades et du temps violent au Canada, et pour tenir informés le public et le milieu de la météorologie au moyen de publications et de conférences.

President's Prize / Le Prix du président

not awarded for 2018

J.P. Tully Medal in Oceanography
La Médaille de J.P. Tully en océanographie
John Smith

DFO (BIO) Bedford, N.S.

for his original research identifying and documenting various pollution problems in Canadian coastal regions, determining sedimentation rates in Canadian coastal regions, and monitoring and evaluating potential hazards of various sources of anthropogenic radionuclides and their transport toward and into Canadian waters.

pour ses recherches inédites visant à cerner et à documenter divers problèmes de pollution touchant les régions côtières canadiennes, à déterminer les taux de sédimentation du littoral canadien, ainsi qu'à surveiller et à évaluer les dangers potentiels des diverses sources de radionucléides anthropiques et leur transport vers les eaux canadiennes et dans celles-ci.

Andrew Thomson Prize in Applied Meteorology
Le Prix Andrew Thomson en météorologie appliquée

Elizabeth Pattey

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa

for her long-standing leadership and significant contributions to agricultural meteorology, particularly tower-based flux measuring systems over agricultural fields which have contributed to improved quantification of pollutants and understanding of greenhouse gas exchanges from agricultural sources

  pour son leadership de longue date et sa contribution importante à la météorologie agricole, notamment en ce qui a trait aux systèmes de mesure des flux à partir de tours situées dans des champs agricoles permettant d’améliorer la quantification des polluants et la compréhension des échanges de gaz à effet de serre provenant de sources agricoles sources agricoles.

François J. Saucier Prize in Applied Oceanography
  Le Prix François J. Saucier en océanographie appliquée

not awarded for 2018

Rube Hornstein Medal In Operational Meteorology
La Médaille de Rube Hornstein en météorologie opérationnelle
Douglas McCollor

Meteorology Services (BC Hydro) Vancouver

for his long-standing leadership and distinctive work in establishing an operational meteorology program which has become an integral part in operational response and planning activities in a large Canadian hydropower electrical utility company.

pour son leadership de longue date et son apport remarquable à la création d'un programme de météorologie opérationnelle qui fait maintenant partie intégrante des activités de planification et d'intervention d'une grande entreprise canadienne de services hydroélectriques.

Neil J. Campbell Medal for Exceptional Volunteer Service
La Médaille Neil J. Campbell pour service bénévole exceptionnel

Ron Hopkinson

Regina, Saskatchewan

for his exceptional record of volunteering, mentorship and leadership roles encompassing various positions with CMOS at both the provincial and national levels.

pour son apport exceptionnel dans le cadre de bénévolat, de mentorat et de leadership associés à divers postes au sein de la SCMO, tant au niveau provincial que national.

Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award
Le Prix Roger Daley de publication post-doctorale

not awarded for 2018

Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Graduate Student Prize
Le Prix commémoratif Tertia M.C. Hughes pour étudiants diplômés

two awarded for 2018

Carsten Abraham 

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (U. Victoria)

for his excellent thesis at the University of Victoria titled Regime occupation and transition information obtained from observable meteorological state variables in the stably stratified nocturnal boundary layer

pour son excellente thèse intitulée Regime occupation and transition information obtained from observable meteorological state variables in the stably stratified nocturnal boundary layer


Sisi Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow, NCAR

for her excellent thesis at McGill University titled Impacts of turbulence on cloud microphysics and warm-rain initiation

pour son excellente thèse intitulée Impacts of turbulence on cloud microphysics and warm-rain initiation (Université McGill)

 for outstanding contribution towards promoting public awareness of meteorology or oceanography in Canada
pour contribution d'une façon exceptionnelle à éveiller l'intérêt du public au Canada en météorologie ou océanographie durant l'année précédente

none awarded for 2018

Part Two - CMOS Scholarships / Bourses d'études

(CMOS Scholarships and Scholarship Supplements are awarded for the academic year following the congress)

  The CMOS - Weather Research House NSERC Scholarship Supplement in Atmospheric or Ocean Sciences
Le Supplément SCMO Weather Research House CRSNG aux bourses d'études supérieures en sciences de l'atmosphère ou des océans

Year 1
David Babb

University of Manitoba Doctorate (Centre for Earth Observation Science)

for his Doctoral studies on sea ice transport within the Beaufort Gyre under a changing Arctic climate.


Year 2

Patricia DeRepentigny

University of Colorado Boulder Doctorate
(Interaction of Sea Ice and Climate)

for her Doctoral studies of the forces driving sea-ice loss in the polar regions, and their role in the differences bewteen various climate modelling scenarios.

CMOS - The Weather Network/Météomédia Scholarship
La Bourse SCMO-Météomédia/The Weather Network

not awarded for 2019

CMOS - Daniel G. Wright Undergraduate Scholarship

La Bourse SCMO d'étude du premier cycle Daniel G. Wright

Helen Gemmrich

U Victoria (Physics and Computer Science)

for academic excellence / pour excéllence académique

CMOS Undergraduate Scholarship /  La Bourse d'étude de premier cycle SCMO

(two awarded for 2019)

May Wang

UBC (Physics & Oceanography)

for academic excellence. / pour excéllence académique

Dylan Painchaud-Niemi

 U of Manitoba (Physical Geography / Atmospheric Sciences)

for academic excellence. / pour excéllence académique

Part Three - Poster Prizes / Prix affiches

Campbell Scientific Best Student Poster Prize in Meteorology
Le Prix Campbell Scientific de la meilleure affiche d'étudiant(e) en météorologie

not awarded for 2019

ASL Environmental Sciences Best Student Poster Prize in Oceanography

Le Prix ASL Environmental Science de la meilleure affiche d'étudiant(e) en océanographie

not awarded for 2019

CMOS Best Student Poster Prize in Other Disciplines / Le Prix SCMO de la meilleure affiche
d'étudiant(e) en autres disciplines

not awarded for 2019

Part Four - CMOS Support to Pre-College Teachers /

Aide de la SCMO aux enseignants de niveau pré-collégial

I - Project Atmosphere Summer Workshop (2018)

Ms. Bogusia Gierus

Webber Academy, Calgary, AB


II - Project Maury Summer Workshop (2018)

not awarded for 2019

Part Five - Non CMOS Awards / Honneurs pas SCMO

MSC Patterson Medal (2018) / SMC La Medaille Patterson (2018)

Michel Jean for his exceptional contributions to the operationalization of meteorological science, advancement in environmental applications of numerical weather predictions and for exemplary work in representing Canada on the world stage.

Michel's passion for computing, science, and the environment resulted in exceptional achievements.  He has played a leading role in transferring advances in meteorological research and development into operational services both at the national and international level.  His leadership on the international stage, through the World Meteorological Organization, has allowed Canada to influence the evolution of the world's weather infrastructure and leverage investments and knowledge from other countries.
Michel Jean a fait preuve d'un dévouement, d'un esprit d'initiative et d'une vision extraordinaires tout au long d'une longue carrière exemplaire au Service météorologique du Canada.  Il a contribué de manière exceptionnelle à l'opérationnalisation de la science météorologique et aux avancées des applications environnementales servant aux prévisions numériques du temps et a accompli un travail exemplaire en représentant le Canada sur la scène mondiale.

Sa passion pour l'informatique, la science et l'environnement a favorisé des réalisations exceptionnelles.  Michel a joué un rôle de chef de file du transfert des progrès de la recherche et du développement météorologiques vers les services opérationnels tant à l'échelle nationale qu'internationale.  Son leadership sur la scène internationale, par l'intermédiaire de l'Organisation météorologique mondiale, a permis au Canada d'influencer l'évolution de l'infrastructure météorologique mondiale et de tirer parti des investissements et des connaissances d'autres pays.

DFO Timothy R. Parsons Medal (2019) / MPO La Médaille Timothy R. Parsons (2019)

not awarded

Link to DFO Information
lien aux information MPO

CNC-SCOR Early Career Ocean Scientist Award (2019)

Distinction CNC-SCOR pour chercheur en début de carrière en océanographie (2019)

CNC-SCOR announced that the 2019 winner is Cathryn Clarke Murray from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Cathryn received her PhD in 2012 from the University of British Columbia, examining the role that recreational boating had in the introduction and spread of invasive species. She previously had received a BSc from the University of Calgary and an MSc from James Cook University in Australia. During and since her graduate work, Cathryn has developed a broad expertise in marine ecology and has taken on very difficult applied problems, including aquatic invasive species, cumulative effects and marine debris as a vector of invasion. She has worked successfully in academia, government and an international agency (PICES North Pacific Marine Science Organization). She has sustained a high rate of publication in solid peer reviewed journals. She has simultaneously maintained a high level of community service, both within the scientific community and through public outreach.

Note: This award was announced in July 2019, but not at the CMOS Awards Banquet

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