Photo Collage, 56th CMOS-CGU-ESC Joint Congress, 2022

Virtual from Saskatoon SK, 1-3 & 6-8 June 2022 **

All names are identified, if known..
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** SPECIAL NOTE:  The 56th Congress was a Virtual Congress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  All photos are screenshots from Zoom or Webex meetings.  Photos of some award winners are in Part 3, below.

Part 1 - Opening and Icebreaker - 1 June

Virtual Icebreaker in Gathertown

Part 2 - Plenary Speakers

Day 1, June 1   Amanda Lynch introduced by Jim Abraham
Day 2, June 2   Panel Group convened by Gordon McBean
Day 3, June 3   Michelle Valvoord introduced by Barret Kurylyk
                            Post-talk panelists
Day 4, June 6   Debra Wunch introduced by Paul Kushner
Day 5, June 7   Karen Kohfeld introduced by Sybil Seitzinger
Day 6, June 8   Sonia Senevieratne introduced by Francis Zwiers

Part 3 - Award Winners Announced, 7 June 2022

Use links on our Awards Page to see winners who were available to accept
during the Awards Session

Part 4 - Photos of Some Session Speakers by Day (selected randomly)

Day 1 - June 1

Frederic Fabry
Anthony Di Stefano
Tamar Richards-Thomas
Ashlee Jolymore
Mindy Brugman
Scott Weiss
Stephen Déry
Geoff Strong
Morgan Braaten
Day 2 - June 2

David Fissel
Helen Joseph
Knut von Salzen
Victoria Slonosky
Maddie Myers
Jim Abraham
Jennifer Spinney
Matt Godsoe
Jason Thistlewaite
Nathan Gillet
Craig Smith
Elizaveta Malinina
Marcus Schnorbus

Panelists: BC Heat

Jim Abraham, Jennifer Spinney, Dave Campbell, Russ White
Day 3 - June 3
Day 4 - June 6
Day 5 - June 7
Day 6 - June 8

Part 5 - Closing, 8 June

Francis Zwiers
Jim Abraham
Yanping Li
Andrew Ireson, CGU
Julian Lowman, CGU

Krys Chutco, ESC
Poster - St. John's 2023