2021 Prizewinners / Lauréats des prix 2021

 *Awards announced during the 56th (Virtual) CMOS Congress, Saskatoon SK, 7 June 2022

CMOS Prizes are normally for achievements in the calendar year prior to the congress year and are designated as awards for the previous year. 

CMOS Scholarships and Scholarship Supplements are awarded for the academic year following the congress.

CMOS Fellows are members so designated at the time of the award and henceforth entitled to call themselves Fellows of the Society as long as membership is maintained.

Some non-CMOS Awards are also presented at congresses.  Details are given here.

If award recipients or designates were present, linked names will lead to a photo of their award presentation and / or acceptance.

Part One - CMOS Prizes and Awards

  New Fellows / Nouveaux Membres émérites

(announced during the Annual General Meeting, 22 June 2022 /
annoncé pendant l'Assemblée générale annuelle, le 22 juin, 2022)

David B. Fissel

    for outstanding contributions to ocean science, especially in the Arctic; the development of vibrant high technology private sector science services; and to the Society, the latter culminating in making the Congress 2021 such a success.

Note: Photo of David was taken during the Congress prior to the Annual General Meeting

  Pierre Gauthier

   for leadership in atmospheric sciences in Canada; fundamental contributions to research in data assimilation; and education and mentorship of a generation of Canadian atmospheric scientists.

The President's Prize / Le Prix du président

 * Carolyn Buchwald (Halifax NS)

for her 2016 paper Constraining the role of iron in environmental nitrogen transformations: Dual stable isotope systematics of abiotic NO2 reduction by Fe (II) and its production of N2O, published in the Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.  Dr. Buchwald's paper elucidated the isotope systematics of nitrogen; helping to disentangle the reaction pathways of nitrogen in relation to ecosystem function, the production of greenhouse gases, and the reconstruction of the evolution of iron and nitrogen-based metabolic and abiotic pathways.

*  presented during the 57th CMOS Congress, on 31 May 2023, at St. John's NL

The J.P. Tully Medal in Oceanography
La médaille J.-P.-Tully en océanographie

not awarded for 2021 / pas décerné pour 2021

The Andrew Thomson Prize in Applied Meteorology
Le prix Andrew-Thomson en météorologie appliquée

not awarded for 2021 / pas décerné pour 2021

The François J. Saucier Prize in Applied Oceanography
Le prix François-J.-Saucier en océanographie appliquée

Richard Dewey (Victoria BC)

for two decades of sustained technical efforts supporting ocean science. He was co-founder and science manager of the VENUS cabled ocean observatory, now part of Ocean Network Canada's ocean observing systems. He currently leads the science services division at ONC, forming the liaison between outside scientists and the staff that run the observatory that is critical to its scientific success.

The Rube Hornstein Medal In Operational Meteorology
La médaille Rube-Hornstein en météorologie opérationnelle
not awarded for 2021 / pas décerné pour 2021

The Neil J. Campbell Medal for Exceptional Volunteer Service
La médaille Neil-J.-Campbell pour service bénévole exceptionnel

not awarded for 2021 / pas décerné pour 2021

The Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award
Le prix Roger-Daley de publication postdoctorale

Ana C. Franco (University of British Columbia, Vancouver)


for the published article titled Anthropogenic and climateic contributions to observed carbon system trends in the Northeast Pacific, for the importance of her subject, the hard work related to long-term data processing, the fact that her research "has already changed the carbon community perception" and the "careful, honest, (even disappointing) uncertainty estimates" she did.

The Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Graduate Student Prizes
Les prix commémoratifs Tertia-M.-C.-Hughes pour études de 2è ou 3è cycle

(three 2021 winners /  $500 each / chacun ) / trois prix ont été décernés pour 2021)

Tsz Kin (Eric) Lai (McGill University)

for his excellent thesis titled Impacts of asymmetric dynamics on tropical cyclone eyewall replacement cycles.

Shangfel Lin (Dalhousie University)

for his excellent thesis titled Study of Wave-Current-Ice Interactions Over The Northwest Atlantic.

Clark Pennelly (University of Alberta)

for his excellent thesis titled Modelling Sources of Stratification within the Labrador Sea.

 for outstanding contribution towards promoting public awareness of meteorology or oceanography in Canada
pour contribution d'une façon exceptionnelle à éveiller l'intérêt du public au Canada en météorologie ou océanographie durant l'année précédente

none awarded for 2021 / pas décerné pour 2021

Part Two - CMOS Scholarships / Bourses d'études

(CMOS Scholarships and Scholarship Supplements are awarded for the academic year following the congress)

  The CMOS Supplements to NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships
Les suppléments SCMO aux bourses d'études supérieures du CRSNG

a) The CMOS - Weather Research House NSERC Scholarship Supplement in atmospheric or ocean sciences
Le supplément SCMO-Weather Research House en sciences de l'atmosphere ou des océans

and / et   or / ou

b) The CMOS - CNC / SCOR NSERC Scholarship Supplement in Ocean Sciences
Le supplément CMOS - CNC / SCOR CRSNG pour les sciences de l'océan

not awarded for 2022 / pas décerné pour 2022

The CMOS Weather Network Scholarship
La bourse SCMO-Météomédia

Meghan Grenke (University of Alberta)

Fourth Year Studies Bachelor of Science, majoring in Earth and Atmospheric Science and Minor in Math. ($1,500)

The CMOS - Daniel G. Wright Undergraduate Scholarship

La bourse d'études de premier cycle SCMO-Daniel-G.-Wright

not awarded for 2022 / pas décerné pour 2022

CMOS Undergraduate Scholarship /  La Bourse d'étude de premier cycle SCMO

Audrey Scanlan (Carleton University, Ottawa)

Fourth Year Studies, BSc (Honours) in Earth Sciences Co-operative Education ($1,000)

Part Three - Student Poster Prizes / Prix affiches des étudiant(e)s

none awarded for 2022 / aucun décerné pour 2022

Part Four - CMOS Support to Pre-College Teachers /

Aide de la SCMO aux enseignants de niveau pré-collégial

I - AMS Project Atmosphere Summer Workshop 2022
Atelier d'été en météorologie Projet-Atmosphère de l'AMS 2022

Cara Smith

(Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakes ON Secondary School)


II - ** Project Ocean AMS Summer Workshop (oceanic science) 2022
Projet-Océan atelier estivale de l'AMS en science océanographque 2022

Kristen Simonson
(Swift Current SK Comprehensive High School)

** Known as Project Maury until 2019 / connus sous le nom Projet Maury jusqu'en 2019

Part Five - Non CMOS Awards / Honneurs pas SCMO

MSC Patterson Medal (2021)
SMC La Medaille Patterson (2021)

  • Excellence, vision and leadership in atmospheric science over a broad range of topics : urban, Arctic, planetary atmospheric science, satellite validation, laboratory spectroscopy
  • Developing new methodologies, and revitalizing atmospheric ballooning in Canada to improve understanding of stratospheric composition
  • Founding member of the Canadian Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Change, establishing PEARL at Eureka, initiating the spring campaigns
  • Pioneering Canada's engagement in international observing networks and dedication to fostering collaboration
  • Communicating the links of atmospheric research to the social impacts of ozone depletion, atmospheric warming and climate change
  • Dedicated service and leadership on numerous Boards, committees, working groups and CMOS
  • Outstanding leadership in enhancing research and educational opportunities

  • Excellence, vision et leadership dans le domaine de la science atmosphérique sur un large éventail de sujets : science atmosphérique urbaine, arctique et planétaire, validation par satellite, spectroscopie en laboratoire
  • Développement de nouvelles méthodologies et revitalisation des ballons atmosphériques au Canada pour améliorer la compréhension de la composition de la stratosphere
  • Membre fondateur du Réseau canadien pour la détection des changements atmosphériques, établissement de PEARL à Eureka, lancement des campagnes de printemps
  • Pionnière de l'engagement du Canada dans les réseaux d'observation internationaux et dévouement à la collaboration
  • Communiquer les liens entre la recherche atmosphérique et les impacts sociaux de l'appauvrissement de la couche d'ozone, du réchauffement atmosphérique et du changement climatique
  • Service dévoué et leadership au sein de nombreux conseils d'administration, comités, groupes de travail et de la SCMO
  • Leadership exceptionnel dans l'amélioration des opportunités en recherche et d'éducation

DFO Timothy R. Parsons Medal (2021) *
La Médaille Timothy-R.-Parsons
MPO (2021) *

Kenneth T. Frank

  • constantly brought fresh and new ideas to his research, and that the creativity he applied to his work has led to very significant and impressive contributions to his field,

  • the strong impact that his work has had over the past 42 years,

  • vast number of publications, citations and students that he mentored illustrates the significant contributions he made to ocean science during his career,

  • taken on a large role and expanded his influence quite broadly, and as a result he really stands out within his field.

* awarded at this (2022) Congress due to Covid delays / attribué lors de ce congrès (2022) en raison des retards de Covid.

Link to DFO Informationlien aux information MPO

The 2022 CNC / SCOR Early Career Ocean Scientist Award

La distinction CNC / SCOR pour chercheur en début de carrière en océanographie 2022

Maya Bhatia

Dr. Bhatia, Assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences,
University of Alberta, is an oustanding researcher who is undertaking cutting-edge research focused on ocean bigoechemistry and oceanography in northern Canada, while also working on projects related to the cryosphere and mountain environments. Her work is providing significant advances in our understanding of the ocean is changing in a warming climate, and the role of glaciers in providing nutrients to the ocean.

In particular, her nominees wanted to bring attention to the outstanding contributions Maya has made in the following areas:

  • notable leadership in securing funding
  • remarkable achievements in building collaborations
  • excellence in student mentorship
  • outstanding success in leading field work under challenging circumstances in the far north of Canada, in and around Jones Sound
  • a genuine commitment to building positive relationships with the local Inuit community

In summary, Dr. Bhatia is an outstanding early career scientist navigating the challenges of establishing a sustained research program in Canada's North with remarkable care and success. She is an outstanding role model for being an engaged and conscientious environmental scientist at this critical time. And thus, an excellent winner of the 2022 CNC-SCOR Early Career Ocean Scientist Award.

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