Photo Collage, 55th CMOS Congress

Virtual from Victoria BC, 31 May - 11 June 2021 **

All names are identified, if known..
Some identifications are needed (if names are not known - see "?" or _ opposite a name or number).
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** SPECIAL NOTE:  The 55th Congress was a Virtual Congress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  All photos are screenshots from Zoom or Webex meetings.  Resolution is low.  No high resolution copies are available.  Photos of some award winners are in Part 3, below.

Part 1 - Opening and Icebreaker - 31 May



Part 2 - Plenary Speakers

Day 1, May 31:  Andrew Weaver, introduced by Ken Denman
Day 2, June 1:   Marc Jaccard,  introduced by Ken Denman
Day 3, June 2:   Diane Campbell, introduced by Jim Abraham
Day 4, June 3:   Lisa Lesoto, introduced by Nadia Steiner
Day 6, June 7:   Shawn Marshall, introduced by Randy Scharien
Day 7, June 8:   Paul Snelgrove, introduced by Ken Denman
Day 8, June 9:   Johanna Wagstaffe, introduced by Armand Castellan
Day 9, June 10: Erin Bertrand, introduced by Roberta Hamme

Part 3 - Award Winners Announced, 9 June 2021

Use links on our Awards Page to see winners who were available to accept
during the Awards Session

Part 4 - Educators' Day - 4 June

Zoom grid names are from left to right and top to bottom

Part 5 - Other Photos from Various Days / Sessions

Paul LeBlond Memorial (31 May) - Susan Allen & Bill Crawford (convenors), Annette Shaw, Debby Ianson, Samuel Stevens,
Tetjana Ross, Grayson Soetaert
Public Lecture (2 June) - Gavin Schmidt (speaker) introduced by Geoff StrongKen Denman handled questions.
From Town Hall - UN Decade of Ocean Sciences (11 June) - Panelists. Helen Joseph, Andi White
Closing (11 June) -  Marek Stastna, Jim Abraham, Francis Zwiers, Yanping Li

Part 6 - Some Zoom Gallery Views

names are from left to right and top to bottom of galleries

1 Two Presidents: Marek Stastna, Jim Abraham

2  Paul Leblond Memorial Session: Susan Allen, ?, Bill Crawford, Samuel Stevens, ?, ?, ?, Annette Shaw, Grayson Soetaert, ?, Tetjana Ross, ?, ?, ?.

3 MSC150 Panelists - I: Diane Campbell, David Phillips, Pierre Morrissette, Gordon McBean, Jim Abraham, David Grimes

4 MSC150 Panelists - II:  Véronique Bouchet, Robert Daigle, Michel Jean, Natacha Bernier, Paul Kushner

5 MSC150 Panelists - III: David Phillips, Paul Mason, Chris Scott, Dennis Dudley, Ken MacDonald, Sue Henry, Russ White

6 Educators' Day - Discussion Group - Andrew Weaver, David Fissel, Lisa Lesoto, Johanna Wagstaffe, Pramrod Thupaki, ?, ?, ?, ?, Karen Smith, ?

7 UN Decade of Ocean Sciences Panelists - Paul Myers, Eric Peterson, Andi White, Doug Wallace, Shayla Fitzsimmons, Melissa Anderson, ?

8 Closing Group: David Fissel, Yanping Li, Matthew Asplin, Francis Zwiers, Ken Denman, Marey Stastna, Jim Abraham

9 Congress Technical Operations: Ken Denman, David Fissel, Bronwyn Contini, Gordon Griffith, Matthew Asplin

10 Turnover to 2022 Congress: David Fissel, Yanping Li, Matthew Asplin, Francis Zwiers

many Zoom clips were taken or captured by Bob Jones, archivist

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