Photo Collage, 49th CMOS Congress

Whistler BC, 31 May - 4 June 2015

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All names are identified, if known, from left to right.
Many identifications are needed (if names are not known - see "?" or blank spaces opposite a number).

If you want to identify someone, correct an error, or get a high-resolution copy of any photo, please contact the archivist.
Multiple poses, not all shown here, are available for many award winners, plenary speakers, VIPs, etc.

A.  Icebreaker, 31 May 2015
1 "The Splinters"
1A Cam Salay
1B Shannon Saunders
2 Conference Centre Lobby
2A ?, Wendy Borsuk, Nils Koropatnisky, Greg West, Tim Ashman
3 Brandon Goodwin, Amélie Bouchat
4 ?
5 Andrew Orr
6 Pierre Gauthier, Louis Garand
7 Adam Monahan
8 Hai Lin, ?
9 Mar Alvarez
10 Denis Bourque
11 ?, ?, Hai Lin
12 ?, ?.
13 ?
14 Laura Gillard
15 Clark Pennelly
16 Icebreaker Sponsor: Campbell Scientific
17 Jian Jin, Yingkai (Kyle) Sha, Huiping Peng, ?.
18 Martin Leduc & chocolate fountain
19 Martin Leduc
20 David Jones, Ross Macdonald
21 Lisa West, Uwe Gramann, ?
22 ?
23 Tim Oke, Douw Steyn
24 ?, ?
25 ? Mike Foreman, Rich Pawlowicz, Susan Allen
26 ?
27 Jie Liu, Yimei Li, Samantha Lee
28 David Greenberg, Rich Pawlowicz
29 Mekdes Ayalew Tessema, Tim Oke
30 Bruce Ainslie, Christian Reuten
31 Harinder Ahluwalia, Adam Monahan, Paul Myers
32 Douw Steyn, Harinder Ahluwalia
33 Martha Anderson, Adam Monahan, Jim Abraham
34 Paul LeBlond, Bill Crawford
35 André Giguère, Brad Snyder, Ross Macdonald, David Jones
36 Qing Liao, Lydia Webb, Sheila Bourque

Opening and Plenary Speakers

Opening - 1 June

1 Piper and VIPs

1A Parade of VIPs

2 Maj Martin (Aide), Andrew Bell, Andrew Roberts (AMS), Nancy Wilhelm-Morden (Whistler Mayor), Harinder Ahluwalia

3 Maj Martin, Harinder Ahluwalia, Judith Guichon (BC Lt. Gov.), Nancy Wilhelm-Morden, Andrew Roberts, Andrew Bell

4 Andrew Bell, Andrew Roberts, Nancy Wilhelm-Morden, Harinder Ahluwalia
Plenary  2 June

Plenary 3 June

1 David Fissel

2 Susan Allen

3 Nadja Steiner
Plenary 4 June

1 Garry Clarke

2 Chris McLinden

C.  Sessions and Workshops

1 Communicating Uncertainty Workshop: Susan Joslyn
2 Climate Modeling Session
3 Sea Ice State in the Regional Arctic System Model: Andrew Roberts
4 Real-time Numerical Weather Forecasts for Arctic Research Flights: Keith Hines
5 Educators' Day: ?, ?
6 Educators' Day
7 Circulation, dispersion, and hydrodynamic connectivity over the Scotian Shelf: Yi Sui
8 Downscaling Extremes- a set of climate change projections forCanada: Trevor Murdock
9 Future of the Weather Enterprise: Jim Abraham

Parsons Lunch, 2 June 2015

The 2015 winner of the Parsons Medal was announced by Carmel Lowe, Regional Director (Pacific) Science, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

The citation information and another photo are posted elsewhere.

E.  Public Lecture 2 June

1 Rainbow Theatre
2 Marty Taillefer (introduces speaker)
3 Marty Taillefer
4 Capt. (RCN) (Ret'd) Kurt Salchert (speaker)
5 Kurt Salchert
6 Kurt Salchert

H.  Banquet 3 June
1 Banquet Sponsor: Météo Média / The Weather Network
2 Buffet
3 Sea to Sky Ballroom
4 Table Photo
5 ?
6 Harinder Ahluwalia
6A Harinder Ahluwalia, Denis Bourque
6B Anthony Di Stephano, Harinder Ahluwalia
6C Claude Labine, Bryn Ronalds, Harinder Ahluwalia
6D Amélie Bouchat, Harinder Ahluwalia
6E Konstantinos Menelaou
6F Frédéric  Laliberté
6G Malcolm "Mac" MacLeod
6H Ann Gargett
6 I  Martin Leduc
6J Diana Verseghy
6K John Gyakum
6L Bob Jones
6M Harinder Ahluwalia, Tara Howatt, David Fissel
7 Martha Anderson and Harinder Ahluwalia
8 Martha Anderson
9 Andrew Roberts (AMS)
10 Ken Kwok
11 Bruce Ainslie
12 Ken Kwok and Marcelo Santos
13 Marcelo Santos
14 Ken Kwok, Cindy Yu
15 Harinder Ahluwalia, Mrs. Ahluwalia, Carmen Kwok, Ken Kwok
16 Diana Verseghy, ?, Craig Smith
17 Harinder Ahluwalia, Martha Anderson
18 Bob Jones, Cindy Yu
18A Jonathan Bau (V), Chris Scott, Cindy Yu, Tim Ashman
19 Mrs. Ahluwalia, Heather Scholefield
20 Peter Scholefield, Heather Scholefield, Joan Jones, Bob Jones
21  Oscar Koren, Joan Jones, Bob Jones
22 "The Splinters"
23 Cam Salay on Guitar
24 On Bass
25 On Violin

See also:
CMOS Prizewinners

6B to 6M: Other views of Prizewinners

Posters (side and front faces only)

1 ?
2 Rosie Howard
3 ?, ?, Bruce Ainslie
4 ?

5 David Deepwall
6 Arelia Werner
7 ?, ?

8 ?, ?, ?
9 ?, Kristina Brown, ?
10 ?, Jaison Thomas
11 ?
12 Jaison Thomas
13 Peter Taylor, Mindy Brugman
14 Jason Ross

Exhibit Booths and Sponsors
AMS2 Tom Champoux

ASL2 David Fissel, Harinder Ahluwalia
ASL3 (Coffee Break Sponsor)


BC Hydro (Plenary Sponsor)

Campbell2 (Icebreaker Sponsor)
Campbell3 (Coffee Break Sponsor)
Campbell4 Carl deLew, Amanda Keys, Don Snodgrass
Campbell 5 (co-sponsor, Student Night)
CMOS2 Jason Ross, ?
CMOS3 Bob Jones, ?

COMET2 Wendy Schreiber-Abshire,
Greg Byrd, Ron Stewart
COMET3 Wendy Schreiber-Abshire,
Greg Byrd

CSA2 Réjean Lemieux


Hoskin2 (Coffee Break Sponsor)
Hoskin3 Shalini Desroches, ?

Howe Sound Brewing (co-sponsor Student Night)

Info Electronics Abdelmounim Brahm, Wendy Borsuk

LI-COR2 ?, ?

MEOPAR Alexa Reedman
MEOPAR 2 (Plenary Sponsor) Alexa Reedman

TWN / MétéoMédia (Banquet Sponsor)
TWN / MétéoMédia Chris Scott

Mission Critical Energy1
Mission Critical Energy2

Ocean Networks1
Ocean Networks2 ?
Ocean Networks3 ?,?,?


Taylor & Francis


K. Student Night, Dubh Linn Gate Pub - 1 June

1 Drew Snauffer, Amanda Keys
2 Cindy Yu
3 Tim Atkinson

Student Volunteers Group Photos (foot of Blackcomb Mountain Lift)

.  Miscellaneous with Volunteers (V)

1 Jason Ross (V), Harinder Ahluwalia
2 ?, ?
3 ?, ?, ?
4 ?, ? (V), ?, ?
5 Bruce Ainslie, Chris Gibbons
6 Karina Ramos Musalem (V), ?, ?
7 ?, Francis Zwiers
8 Jian Jin (V), Drew Snauffer
9 ? (V)
10 Paul Myers, ?
11 Qing Liao, Denis Bourque
11A Chris Gibbons
11B Denis Bourque
11C Registration Desk
12 Mac MacLeod
13 Information Desk
13A Nils Koropatnisky (V), Timothy Atkinson (V), Timothy Chui (V)
14 ?, Ken Kwok (V), Jason Ross (V), Bruce Ainslie, Chris Gibbons
15 Johanna Wagstaffe, Kristi Gordon, Michael Kuss
16 Cindy Yu (V), Ken Kwok (V)
17 ?, Bruce Ainslie (V), Ken Kwok (V)
18 Garry Clarke, Mindy Brugman
19 ?
20 ?, ?, ?
21 Group of Five
22 Group of Six
23 Jie Liu (V), Byeong Kim (V), Timothy Chui (V), Yimei Li (V)
24 Gabriela Ibarguchi
25 Frédéric Laliberté, Gabriela Ibarguchi
26 David Jones (V), Uew Gramman (V)
27 Yimei Li (V), Samantha Lee (V)
28 Sheila Bourque, Douw Steyn, Lydia Webb
29 Susan Allen, Hal Ritchie
30 Chris Gibbons, Bruce Ainslie, Ken Kwok
31 Ben West, Lisa West (V)
32 Stephen Howell, Christian Haas, Shawn Marshall

Local Arrangements Committee

Photo Credits:
Rich Glass Photography (Whistler BC)
Other photographers: Douw Steyn, Peter Scholefield, Samantha Lee, Bob Jones .......

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