2014 Prizewinners / Lauréats des prix 2014

  *Awards presented at the 49th CMOS Congress,Whistler BC, May 31 - June 4, 2015

* CMOS Prizes are normally for achievements in the calendar year prior to the congress year and are designated as awards for that previous year. 

CMOS Scholarships and Scholarship Supplements are awarded for the academic year following the congress. 

CMOS Fellows are members so designated at the time of the award and henceforth entitled to call themselves Fellows of the Society as long as membership is maintained.

If award recipients or designates were present, linked names will lead to a photo of their award presentation.

Part One - CMOS Prizes and Awards

CMOS Fellow Announced / Nouveau Membre émérite

  John Gyakum, McGill University, for his outstanding career dedicated to research in synoptic meteorology aimed at improving weather forecasting,
for his exceptional mentoring of graduate students and for his exemplary service to the meteorological community.

President's Prize / Prix du président

Damon Matthews, Concordia University for his meritorious paper (co-authored with Caldeira) entitled
Stabilizing climate requires near-zero emissions published in Geophysical Research Letters in 2008.

J.P. Tully Medal in Oceanography
Médaille de J.P. Tully en océanographie
Ann Gargett for her pioneering research on the turbulence and microstructure in the oceans.

Andrew Thomson Prize in Applied Meteorology
Prix du Andrew Thomson en météorologie appliquée
Diana Verseghy, Environment Canada, for her outstanding career-long contributions to develop a land-surface scheme for climate and weather models.

François J. Saucier Prize in Applied Oceanography
Prix en océanographie appliquée François J. Saucier

not awarded for 2014

Rube Hornstein Medal In Operational Meteorology
Médaille de Rube Hornstein en météorologie opérationnelle
Malcolm (Mac) MacLeod for his leadership that enabled the growth of the private sector in meteorology in the Maritime Provinces.

Neil J. Campbell Medal for Exceptional Volunteer Service
La médaille Neil J. Campbell pour service bénévole exceptionnel 
Bob Jones, for his dedicated service as webmaster of the CMOS website,
which has become an important resource for CMOS affairs and information about meteorology and oceanography.
Bob also contributed greatly to recording the history of CMOS

Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award
Le Prix Roger Daley de publication post-doctorale

two awarded for 2014
Lindsay Renbaum-Wolff for her excellent co-authored paper entitled:
Viscosity of α-pinene secondary organic material and implications for particle growth and reactivity
 by Renbaum-Wolff, Grayson, Bateman, Kuwata, Selliers, Murray, Shilling, Martin, and Bertram
in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 2013, 110(20); 8014-8019

  Frédéric Laliberté for his excellent co-authored paper entitled:
 Constrained work output of ther moist atmospheric heat engine in a warming climate
by Laliberté, Zika, Mudryk, Kushner, Kjellsson and Döös in Science, 347, 540-543

Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Graduate Student Prize
Prix commémoratif Tertia M.C. Hughes

two awarded for 2014

Konstantinos Menelaou, Post-Doctoral Fellow, McGill University
for his excellent thesis entitled: On the origin of asymmetric dynamic processes and their relation to the structure and intensity change of hurricanes - a diagnostic study

Andrew MacDougall, Post-Doc Researcher, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science- Switzerland
for his excellent thesis entitled: Simulating the permafrost carbon feedback to climate change: feedback strength and carbon cycle consequences

 for outstanding contribution towards promoting public awareness of meteorology or oceanography in Canada
pour contribution d'une façon exceptionnelle à éveiller l'intérêt du public au Canada en météorologie ou océanographie durant l'année précédente

none awarded for 2014

Part Two - CMOS Scholarships / Bourses d'études

(CMOS Scholarships and Scholarship Supplements are awarded for the academic year following the congress.)

  CMOS - The Weather Research House NSERC Scholarship Supplement in Atmospheric or Ocean Sciences
Le supplément SCMO - Weather Research House CRSNG aux bourses d'études supérieures en sciences de l'atmosphère ou des océans
Scott Kehler, University of Manitoba, Masters, Environment and Geography
for his Masters studies: Investigating the Causes of Elevated Convection Initiation, examining the reasons why thunderstorms develop at night.

CMOS - The Weather Network / Météomédia Scholarship
La bourse SCMO - Météomédia / The Weather Network

Adrienne Ducharme, University of Winnipeg, Geography, 4th Year for academic excellence / pour excéllence académique

CMOS - The Daniel G. Wright Undergraduate Scholarship

La bourse d'études du premier cycle Daniel G. Wright

not awarded for 2015

Undergraduate Scholarships / Bourses d'études de premier cycle

Ingrid Pond, Dalhousie University, Atmospheric Sciences, 4th Year for academic excellence / pour excéllence académique

Anthony Di Stephano, McGill University, Meteorology, 4th Year, for academic excellence / pour excéllence académique

Part Three - Poster Prizes / Prix affiches

Campbell Scientific Best Student Poster Prize in Meteorology
Prix Campbell Scientific de la meilleure affiche d'étudiant(e) en météorologie

Bryn Ronalds, McGill University, for his poster entitled: On the relationship between North Atlantic baroclinic growth rate regimes and surface cyclogenesis

ASL Environmental Sciences Best Student Poster Prize in Oceanography
Prix ASL Environmental Science de la meilleure affiche d'étudiant(e) en océanographie

Tara Howatt, McGill University, for her poster entitled: Examining transport of freshwater across the Labrador shelf-break using gliders

CMOS Best Poster Prize in Other Disciplines / Prix SCMO de la meilleure affiche en autres disciplines

Amélie Bouchat, McGill University for her poster entitled: Reproducing sea-ice deformation distributions with viscous-plastic sea-ice models

Part Four - CMOS Support to Pre-College Teachers /

Aide de la SCMO aux enseignants de niveau pré-collégial

I - Project Atmosphere Summer Workshop (2015)

Olivier Laforest, Marguerite de Lajemmerais High School, Montreal


II - Project Maury Summer Workshop (2015)

Kara Lengyel, Naycam School, Spalding Saskatcehwan

Part Five - Non CMOS Awards / Honneurs pas SCMO

DFO Timothy R. Parsons Medal (2015) / MPO La médaille Timothy R. Parsons (2015)

Christopher Harley for his work combining eco-physiological work in the laboratory with long-term monitoring and ecological experiments in the field to understand how various aspects of global change, alone and in combination, affect the ways in which species interact with one another and ultimately influence the distribution and abundance of marine plants and animals.  The aspects of change he investigates include global warming, ocean acidification, and invasive species, which all threaten natural ecosystems and the benefits that they provide.  Dr. Harley's work in establishing the importance of species interactions and multiple stressors in climate change effects on species and communities, and his mentorship of students was also recognized with this award.

Link to DFO Information
  / lien aux information MPO

+ MSC Patterson Medal (2014) / SMC La medaille Patterson (2014)

+ announced 3 September, presented 14 October 2015 / annoncé le 3 septembre, présenté le 14 octobre 2015

Ronald E. Stewart for his distinguished contributions to Canadian meteorology by way of his exceptional scientific leadership. 

Dr. Stewart is a professor in the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Stewart is one of the world's leading experts on winter and summer storms, associated precipitation, and weather and regional climate extremes. He has led numerous Canadian and international research activities addressing the important aspects of meteorology, and has conducted research projects often involving detailed field measurements of precipitation and related weather conditions all across Canada. Dr. Stewart's influence on meteorology is also reflected in more than 126 scientific papers and he has recently published articles on weather/climate phenomena over every regions of the country including all the surrounding oceans. Among Dr. Stewart's numerous strengths, he has served on numerous scientific committee's and societies such as President of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society; Member of the Changing Cold Regions Network; Member of the World Climate Research Program task team on extremes; and Member of the Canadian National Roundtable on Disaster Risk Reduction, just to name a few. His leadership on a national and international meteorological research platform and his mentoring of students and colleagues demonstrates his scientific excellence and achievements, all qualities that make him an outstanding Patterson Medal recipient.  

Ronald E. Stewart dans le domaine de la météorologie au Canada ainsi que son
leadership scientifique exceptionnel.

M. Stewart est professeur au Département d'environnement et de géographie, à l'Université du Manitoba. Il est considéré comme l'un des plus grands spécialistes mondiaux des tempêtes hivernales et estivales, des précipitations qui y sont associées ainsi que des phénomènes météorologiques et climatiques extrêmes régionaux. Il a dirigé de nombreuses activités de recherche canadiennes et internationales portant sur des aspects importants de la météorologie. Il a également mené des projets de recherche nécessitant la prise de mesures détaillées sur le terrain des précipitations et des conditions météorologiques associées, et ce, dans l'ensemble du Canada. M. Stewart a aussi influencé la météorologie en publiant plus de 126 articles scientifiques, dont certains récents qui portent sur des phénomènes météorologiques ou climatiques survenus dans chaque région du pays, y compris dans les océans limitrophes. Parmi les nombreux points forts en faveur de M. Stewart, soulignons le rôle qu'il a joué au sein de plusieurs comités et sociétés scientifiques, notamment en tant que président de la Société canadienne de météorologie et d'océanographie, membre du Réseau des régions froides en changement, membre du groupe de travail sur les extrêmes du Programme mondial de recherche sur le climat et de la Table ronde nationale pour la réduction des risques de catastrophe. Le leadership dont il a fait preuve au sein d'une plateforme de recherche nationale et internationale en météorologie ainsi que le rôle de mentor qu'il a exercé auprès d'étudiants et de collègues témoignent de son excellence et de ses réalisations scientifiques, et ces qualités font de lui un récipiendaire exceptionnel de la médaille Patterson.


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