Second CMS Congress - University of Calgary, 3-5 June 1968

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(all names from left to right and by row)
Names syntax: (maybe) after name - a guess
? not bracketted - unknown.

Enlargement - Left

Top row (six):  André Robert, Les MacHattie ?, ?, ?, ?. (see also Enlargement - Centre).
Middle row (14 in all staggered, in front of outside wall):  ?, ?, ?, Roy Lee, Brian Barge, Mike Balshaw, Ray Desjardins, ?, ?, Wayne Lumsden (maybe), Roddy Rogers, ?, George Isaac, ?.
Short row (three people):  John Maunder, ?, G Oscar Villeneuve.
Front row (nine people):  Marianne English, Miss Brinkman (LAC), ?  ?, Patrick Pender, Sy Uhrich, Barry Wetter, William (Bill) L Gutierrez, Alan W Brewer.

Enlargement - Centre

Top rows (15, staggered at right):  ?, ?, ?, ?, Svenn Orvig, Morley Thomas, ?, Steve Nikleva, Horace P Wilson, ?, Bob (Robert) Stark, Howard Ferguson, Bob Verge, Jim Renick, ?.
Fourth (short) row (five full faces):  Syd Buckler, Clarence Penner, ?, ?, Herb Wahl.
Third row (nine people):  ?, Richmond (Dick) Longley, ?, ?, Jan Tissot van Patot, ?, ?, ?, ?.
Second row (one person):  Gordon McBean.
Front row (eight people):  Andrew Thomson, Byron (Barney) W Boville, ?, Art Lamont, Jim A W McCulloch, Don Currie, Don Ross, Tommy Thompson (see also Enlargement - Right).

Enlargement - Right

Top row (ten people):  ?, ?, ?, Des Wright, Hugh Cameron, S Van A Gordon, Ivan Rosens, Steve Checkwich, ?, ?.
Third short row (three people):   Herb Wahl (see also Enlargement - Centre), Don Black, Mike Miyake.
Second row (eight people):  ?, Bhartendu, ?, Don Storr, ?, ?, Bev M. Burns.
Front row (nine people):  Tommy Thompson, ?, Stu Dewar, Keith D Hage, John Maybank, Peter Summers, Dick Douglas, Dave Fraser, Dean Smith.

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