Recent Notices of Ottawa Centre CMOS Meetings

Upcoming CMOS Ottawa Centre Virtual Lunch Meeting / Thursday 29 April 2021

Speaker:   Laura Twidle, Managing Director, Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc. (CatIQ)

Title:  The Impacts of Extreme Events on the Canadian Insurance Industry  

Abstract:  While a global pandemic paused many aspects of our lives in 2020, extreme weather events gave us no reprieve. Natural and man-made disasters, known as “catastrophes,” in the insurance industry, broke global records around the world last year, and Canada was no exception. Insured losses in Canada from catastrophic events in 2020 were nearly CAN $2.4 billion, continuing the past decade’s trend of increasing annual losses.

Identifying and preparing for the concerns of the more frequent, more severe extreme weather events anticipated by climate change is key to reducing impacts on Canadians. Insured loss data in combination with climate data and mitigation techniques can provide decision makers with the necessary information to act.

This presentation will provide an analysis of the meteorological factors at work in natural catastrophes and the geographical distribution of Canada’s NatCATs, with emphasis on 2020, using data collected by CatIQ, Canada’s insured loss and exposure indices provider. Analysis will include a close look at 2020 insured loss data and how it compares to the Canadian catastrophe loss database.

BIO:  Laura Twidle