WMO, Third session of Commission for Climatology (CCl) - London, December 1960

Front row seated (l to r):  O Ashford (UK), ?, Herb Thom (USA), CC Wallen (Sweden), Clarence Boughner, RG Veryard (UK), Helmut Landsberg (USA), A Rosenann (Israel), Jack Maher (Australia), ?, ?.
Second row (still sitting) fourth in from right: 
Gerry O'Mahoney (Australia).
Standing (back row centre, near post above Landsberg):  Morley K Thomas.

(dinner at hotel)

left to right:  Morley K Thomas, Herb Thom (USA), Gerry O'Mahoney (Australia), Jack Maher (Australia), Clarence Boughner.

(lady in back not identified)

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