WMO Congress, Geneva - 1978

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left to right:  Nick Ashton (UK), A. Villevieille (France - Atmospheric Sciences), KP Vasil'ev (USSR - Marine Meteorology),  ?, ?, _ Lundquist (Sweden, Basic Systems), Bob Clark (Canada - Hydro Meteorlogy), Wolfgang Baier (Canada - Agricultural Meteorology), Morley K Thomas (Canada - Climatology),  Bob Dodds (Canada - Aeronautical Meteorology),  _ Treuissant (France CIMO).

Commission for Climatology (1978 Meeting) - Whole Photo

bottom row:  farthest left - CC Wallén (Sweden), farthest right -  Slavka Jovičić (Serbia).

Commission for Climatology (1978 Meeting), Enlargement Centre

Top row (behind Morley K Thomas):  second from left - Tom Potter (USA), sixth from left, - H Ten Kate (wavy hair, partly hidden) (Netherlands).
third row:  Morley K Thomas (farthest left).
Second row (starting at far right side):
Gordon McKay,  Frank Quinlan (USA) (second from right, beside McKay), Hans Schirmer (FRG) (sixth in from the right, centre of enlargement - wavy hair).

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