Ephraim Kihato Visits from Kenya - 1983

Ephraim Kihato is presented with a memento by Lloyd Bernsten.
Photo and text were originally published in the July / August 1983 edition of Zephyr

Returning to Kenya after a 15 month stay with AES Data Acquisition Services branch, Ephraim Kihato, is a meteorologist with his government's weather service and a lecturer at the East African Institute of Meteorological Training and Research.

Here on a World Meteorological Organization scholarship, Mr. Kihato decided to specialize in instrument maintenance because he believed a wider range of sophisticated weather instruments should be used in his country and the rigorous standards used for testing AES instruments should be emulated in East Africa.

While here, Mr. Kihato was noted for his friendly, outgoing manner and informally has been referred to as "the goodwill ambassador". On his return to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, noted for its congenial climate, he will specialize in instrumentation both at the weather office and at the Institute.

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