Dr. Chung Yong Seung Given Plaque from Korea - 1983

Top photo and text were originally published in the September / October 1983 edition of Zephyr

Chung Yong Seung and Korean plaque

unpublished photo possibly taken on the Downsview roof.
When Dr. Chung Yong Seung of Air Quality Research branch (Downsview) attended a special environment education conference in his native Korea (August 1-11, 1983), he received a handsome plaque of appreciation from the Office of Environment of the Republic of Korea.

Quite different from the certificates handed out in the West, the plaque is of fine polished black wood with inlaid mother-of-pearl Korean dragons. The citation praises Dr. Chung for his outstanding contribution to dissemination of knowledge and experience.

Dr. Chung, the lone AES representative at the conference, lectured on air pollution meteorology and considers the plaque an exceptional honor. He left Korea to do research work in Canada 15 years ago and has been with AES for 10 years.

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