Chinese Delegation Visits Cloud Physics Section, Downsview 1982

l to r:  Mr Qin (Embassy, Ottawa), Mr Qu, Alex Chisholm, Mr Huang, Mr Cai, Mr Zou, Robert Schemenauer.

Caption from July / August 1982 Issue of Zephyr:

One of !he highlights of !he Chinese Scientists' tour of Canada was a visit to the Cloud Physics Section of AES in Downsview.

More from Zephyr:

AES played host to a group of scientists from China June 3-4, 1982.   The delegation of four from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were aided during their visit by Dr. Robert Schemenauer of the Cloud Physics section who was also one of the travelling hosts on their cross-Canada tour lasting from May 23 to June 10.  The other Canadian host was Dr. Man Kong Yau, Department of Meteorology, McGill University.

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