Ottawa Weather Office (Civilian) - 1980

Murray Forbes holds his model of the Avro Arrow

Models of military planes in the Ouawa Weather Office attract many pilots to the AES facility and show them that the Service has an interest in aviation.

Excerpt from September / October 1980 issue of Zephyr:

When the Avro Arrow was cancelled, the existing aircraft were destroyed. When the Aurora model airplane company went out of business, the plastic molds of the Arrow were also destroyed. Now even models of the Arrow are scarce. But one hangs from the ceiling of the Ottawa Weather Office along with about 90 other carefully painted plastic models.

This display of aviation history is the result of a 25 year-long hobby of meteorological technician Murray Forbes. Since the bulk of the visitors to the weather office located at Ottawa international airport are pilots, Mr. Forbes notes that the presence of the model planes shows that "this office has an interest in aviation and this in tum builds rapport between the users of our weather services and the weather office."

He continues, "These planes have been a good public relations device for AES."

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