Native Employment Program, Downsview - 1985

Photo and text were originally published in the May / June 1985 edition of Zephyr  

left to right:  Brenda Smith, Dennis Stossel, Janis Pelletier, Jens Lyberth.
Native employment program takes off at AES

AES is currently giving full attention to yet another under-represented group: the native citizens of Canada. At a rough estimate there are around 400,000 of them in Canada today. AES currently employs only about a dozen natives even though the weather service has many weather stations and other installations throughout Canada. In April 1985, AES set up a Native Employment National Committee under the chairmanship of Janis Pelletier, Head of the Office of the Director General, Field Services.

Janis Pelletier, was interviewed by Zephyr on Native Employment prospects at AES. Also attending the recent National Committee meeting at AES Downsview was Brenda Smith, Dennis Stossel, (Arctic Coordinator) and Jens Lyberth, Regional Manager, Northern Careers Program, Public Service Commission.

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