Maritimes Weather Centre, Halifax NS - 1976

On the occasion of an Office Gathering to present gifts to Bill Appleby who was leaving

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  1  Bill Appleby and Frank Williams (presenter).

2  Bill Appleby & Frank Williams.

  3  Max Mac Kinnon, Art Cooper, Gord Shimizu, Mac MacLeod, Barry Ferguson.

4  Ingebord (later Williams), Frank Williams, Jean-Guy Babineau, Neil McLennan.

5   Bill Appleby, ?, Billie (Webber) Taylor.

6   Baby Heather Lally, Susan Lally, Graydon Lally.

7   Layton Carter, Susan Lally, Lyle Swansburg, Dave Hunter, Bill Appleby,
Gary Blacklock.

8   Leo Blackburn, Graydon Lally with baby Heather, Bill Gromick.

9   Susan Lally & Archie Gates.

10   ?. ?, Debbie Zinck, Max Mac Kinnon, Art Cooper.

11   Bernie Flynn.

   12   Rose Marie Kelly.

  13   l to r (ardound the circle):  lady front left ?, next two hidden, Frank Williams, Ingebord (later Williams), Ralph Horne, Robert Sauvageau,
Neil McLennan (back to camera), Gord Shimizu (back to camera),

14   Gord Shimizu (back to camera), Paul Galbraith (at desk, back), John Pierce.

15   Dave Duffy

photos credit: Debbie MacDonald-McGee

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