CFWO & AETE Cold Lake - 1980 / 1981

Notes: The two photos here were taken at Christmas 1980, but represent staff at Cold Lake in both years 1980 and 1981. 
Further, the AETE support staff may be included in the smaller photo.

Back row: (l to r):  Gord McNeil, RV Taskey, Brian Silverthorne, Tolson Penney.
Middle row:  Gord Sloan, Dennis Beaudoin, Walter Baldwin.
Front row:  Arne (Arnie) P Mathus (BMetO), Jim Cunningham.

AETE & CFWO Cold Lake - 1980 / 1981 (partial staff)

Top (l to r):  Rick Bateman, Al Bunning, Henry Schmidt (AETE), Gord Sloan.
Bottom (kneeling):  Walt Baldwin, Ron McLean.

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