AES / NRC Cloud Seeding Project, Thunder Bay ON and Yellowknife NWT - 1978

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Below:  The Team

top row (l to r):  Dave Collins (NRC), Ian MacPherson (NRC), Dick Jeffries (NRC), Jim Dunn (NRC), Cliff Crozier (AES), Alex Chisholm (AES), Bob Schemenauer (AES), Mohammed Wasey (AES), Ted Slack (NRC), Rich Poersch (AES), Howard Herscovitch (AES), Ritz Inouye (AES).
bottom row (kneeling):  Steve O'Connor (NRC), Murry Morgan (NRC), Ben McLeod (NRC), George Isaac (AES), Doug Laurie-Lean (NRC), Ozzie Stevens (NRC), Walter Strapp (AES).

Debriefing Photos

top row (l to r) (standing):
bottom (around table):

l to r (all):

Aircraft Used

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