CFWS Members in (1993) Calendar - 1992

The 18 photos below were published in the 1993 CFWS Calendar and would have been taken and dated as 1992, except where noted.  Please scroll down.

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? 1940

? 1943

  Wayne Lumsden & Brian Veale - 1974

  Glen Archibald - 1963

?, ?  1956

Bob Vivian

Cliff P Bacon

Dennis Dupuis

JR Cousineau

Mary Wilson (centre) briefing

Paul Deschambault

Peter Cromwell

Jean-Pierre (Pete) Jolin

Paul Richey (right) briefing

Neil Ibey

Martin Côté

Jeff Chartrand

Dave MacPhail

- DND Headquarters, DGMetOc and Graphic Designers
- for providing Calendar:  Lawrence J Otis.

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