CFS Met Winnipeg, 2014

scroll down for photos of Change of Command Ceremony, Remembrance Day in 2014, and School staff

Change of Command Ceremony - 2014

from front:  ?, Maj Lisa Baspaly, Col Carl Doyon (Comd MPGTG), CWO Godbout, Maj John C Cowen.

Maj John C Cowen, Col Carl Doyon (Comd MPGTG), Maj Lisa Baspaly.

back:  CWO Godbout, Maj Lisa Baspaly, Ray Fonger
front, signing: Col Carl Doyon (Comd MPGTG)

l to r:  Maj Lisa Baspaly, CWO Godbout, Col Carl Doyon (Comd MPGTG), Ben Simard.

Remembrance Day - 11 November 2014

Parade commander:  Major Lisa Baspaly, CO CFS Met (above centre and leading below)

Brent McDonald

Sean Gould

Maj Lisa Baspaly (Cmdt)

Angela Roberts
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