CFS Met Winnipeg, 2013

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Remembrance Day - 11 November 2013

Brad Dennis, wife Roxanne and their two sons

Change of Command Ceremony - 6 June 2013

Maj John C Cowen, Col TL Harris, LCol Lysane MR Martel.

LCol Lysane MR Martel, Ray Fonger

Visit by LCol Barry (CO Joint Met Centre)

LCol Barry, Maj Lysane Martel, Ray Fonger

Brad Dennis, LCol Barry (back), Maj Lysane Martel

Brad Dennis, LCol Barry, Ray Fonger

l to r:  Brad Dennis, Maj Lysane Martel, Chad Thompson, LCol Barry, Ray Fonger

Visit by Col Burt (Commander CF Intelligence Group)

l to r:  Col Burt,
Maj John C Cowen
,CWO MJ Kelly, Brad Dennis.

Christmas Mess Dinner

l to r all rows):  Brad Dennis, Joanne Prost, Steve Manning, Ray Fonger, Ben Simard, Maj John C Cowen, Mitch Pelletier, Caroline Linteau, Brian Lindgren.

Maj John C Cowen & 
BGen Bruce Ploughman (Comd 2CAD)

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